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Becoming an EC-6 Teacher in Texas, 2nd Edition

  • Janice L. Nath University of Houston - Downtown
  • Myrna Cohen University of Houston - Downtown
  • ISBN-10: 0495601659  |  ISBN-13: 9780495601654
  • 608 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2003
  • © 2011 | Published
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This is the only introduction to teaching text that is specifically built around the new Texas standards for teacher certification. It is also the only Texas-specific book that combines practice with a solid grounding in theory, going beyond available practice TExES books that provide only limited theoretical information. With Nath and Cohen's text as their guide, students will pass the Texas certification test--and also learn a great deal about effective teaching techniques.

Features and Benefits

  • More than just a test-preparation guide, this text helps students internalize the knowledge of best practice as it applies to the needs of Texas classrooms.
  • Chapters are written by experienced teacher education professors representing a variety of universities throughout Texas--including urban and rural institutions and the school districts with whom they partner.
  • Activities at the conclusion of each chapter include many that are intended for field-based classes.
  • Practice test sets in each chapter for each standard/indicator help students understand the TExES test format.
  • By providing the theory behind each standard, the book helps to promote a better understanding of the Texas standards.

Table of Contents

1. Understanding Human Development in Children (EC–6). Stephanie L. Knight, Robin A. Rackley, Texas A and M University, College Station.
2. Using Diversity to Promote Student Learning. Myrna D. Cohen, University of Houston--Downtown; Janice L. Nath, University of Houston--Downtown; Eileen R. Westerman, University of Houston; Emilliano Gonzalez, University of St. Thomas; Gena Jerkins.
3. Making a Difference in Student Achievement through Planning and Instruction. Janice L. Nath, University of Houston-–Downtown.
4. Understanding Learning Theory and Other Factors That Impact Learning. Janice L. Nath, University of Houston--Downtown; Sandy Cmajdalka.
5. Attaining an Equitable and Excellent Classroom Environment. Myrna D. Cohen, University of Houston-–Downtown; Angela Spaulding.
6. Managing Texas Classrooms. Diane Mullins Clay, Terry Brandt, University of St. Thomas-–Houston.
7. Good Teaching is Good Communication. Myrna D. Cohen, University of Houston–Downtown.
8. Actively Engaging Students in Learning. Janice L. Nath, University of Houston-–Downtown; Sandy Cmajdalka, University of Houston-–Downtown.
9. Technology for Texas Teachers. W. Joe Kortz, University of Houston--Downtown; Janice L. Nath, University of Houston--Downtown; Mary E. Parker, Del Mar College.
10. Assessment: Monitoring and Measuring What Students Learn. Pam Lindsey, Tarleton State University; Veronica Lopez Estrada, The University of Texas--Pan American; Isela Almaguer, The University of Texas--Pan American; Janice L. Nath, University of Houston--Downtown; Myrna D. Cohen, University of Houston--Downtown; James Gentry, Tarleton State University.
11. Working with Texas Families: Home/School Relationships. Jennifer L. Martin, JoAnn Engelbrecht, Lillian Chenoweth, Texas Woman's University.
12. Interacting and Communicating with Other Educators. Donna Cunningham, Lin Moore, Texas Woman's University.
13. Laws, Ethics, and the Structure of Education in Texas. Gary R. Clay, University of North Texas.
14. Studying for and Passing the EC–6 PPR TExES. Janice L. Nath, University of Houston–-Downtown; Cynthia G. Henry.

What's New

  • The material has been condensed so that each chapter deals with a single competency, clarifying the presentation and making the book easier to use.
  • A greater number of field exercises and observation forms that teachers can use as assignments, as well as more text questions, make the book more applied for teachers in training.
  • Expanded coverage includes more grade levels, in alignment with teaching practice in Texas and present accreditation standards.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Janice L. Nath

Dr. Janice L. Nath serves as a University of Houston–-Downtown faculty member in the Department of Urban Education. She served as the Coordinator for Elementary Education, Director of the PUMA TRACS Program for Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification, and Assistant Director of the Internship Program; and headed a Professional Development School (PDS) site for many years at the university. She has been actively involved in field-based teacher education for many years, formerly serving as the chair and program chair of the AERA (American Education Research Association) Professional Development School Research Special Interest Group (PDSR SIG) and as the president of the Teacher Coordinators for Teacher Certification Testing (formerly known as the ExCET Coordinators Association of Texas). In addition to her work on BECOMING A TEACHER IN TEXAS, she co-edited FORGING ALLIANCES IN COMMUNITY AND THOUGHT: RESEARCH IN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOOLS.

Myrna Cohen

Myrna D. Cohen is a faculty member in the Department of Urban Education at the University of Houston–-Downtown and serves as Director of the Center for Professional Development and Technology. She is currently chair-elect of the Consortium of State Organizations of Texas Teacher Educators (CSOTTE). She is past president of Texas Directors of Field Experience and has served as an officer and board member of CSOTTE. She also served for several years as co-editor of the Texas Teacher Education Forum and as a board member of Texas Teacher Educators (TTE). Dr. Cohen was Director of Field Experiences and Coordinator of Secondary Education in her previous position at the University of Houston–-Main Campus. Her areas of interest include teacher education, second language education, and student-centered strategies such as cooperative learning. She is co-author of the assessment monograph for the Reconstructing Texas Teacher Education Series published for the Texas State Board for Educator Certification. In addition to undergraduate and graduate university-level teaching, Dr. Cohen has had fifteen years of classroom teaching experience encompassing grades 2–12.