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Command 1A: Command Operations for the Company Officer, California Edition, 1st Edition

  • James Angle St. Petersburg College
  • David Harlow
  • William Lombardo South Trail Fire Rescue
  • Craig Maciuba Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
  • Michael Gala, Jr. Fire Department New York City
  • ISBN-10: 1111544212  |  ISBN-13: 9781111544218
  • 433 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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This book, tailored specifically for California fire officers, covers firefighting strategies and tactics and includes California-specific material. It is the student book for the Command 1A: Command Operations for the Company Officer course, and also covers the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Strategies and Tactics course. This content provides information and supports simulation opportunities in a controlled environment to prepare fire officers who are assuming the role of first-in incident commander. It covers the initial incident command actions of a company officer arriving at structure fires in a single and multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings and places of assembly occupancies. Its up-to-date nature and hands-on focus will prepare officers to effectively respond to actual incidents.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated to new NIMS, NFPA, and OSHA materials.
  • Stresses firefighter safety and the "Everyone Goes Home" philosophy.
  • Includes detailed strategies and tactics for nine types of fire incidents.
  • End of chapter summaries and review questions help retain lessons learned.
  • Chapter activities enhance learning and prepare readers for actual incidents.
  • A broad scope of emergency incidents covered will assist fire departments of all sizes and demographics.
  • California specific materials were added to this custom edition.

Table of Contents

Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE).
1. Incident Management Systems.
2. Firefighter Safety.
3. Basic Building Construction.
4. Fire Dynamics.
5. Built-In Fire Protection.
6. Company Operations.
7. Coordination and Control.
8. One- and Two-Family Dwellings.
9. Multiple Family Dwellings.
10. Commercial Buildings.
11. Places of Assembly.
12. After the Incident.
Appendix, California Supplemental Materials.
Topic 2-2, Fireground Safety Concepts.
Topic 2-3, Concepts of Decision Making.
Topic 2-4, Ethics and Command Presence on the Fireground.
Topic 2-5, The Principles of Command.
Topic 3-1, Building Construction and Its Effect on Fire Development.
Topic 3-4, Local, State, and Federal Mutual Aid Resource Availability.
Topic 4-1, Engine and Truck Company Operations at Structure Fires.
Topic 4-2, Apparatus Placement Considerations at Structure Fires.
Topic 4-3, Determining Fire Flow Requirements.
Topic 5-1, Structure Fire Size-up and Report on Conditions.
Topic 5-2, Determining and Implementing the Initial Actions for a Structure Fire.
Topic 5-8, Postincident Actions.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

James Angle

James Angle is Fire Chief for the Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Department in Pinellas County, Florida with 35 years of experience in firefighting and emergency services in departments large and small. An adjunct faculty member at St. Petersburg College in the Fire Science and Public Safety Administration programs, he has taught at the community college, university, and fire academy levels for 25 years. Chief Angle is a past member of the Florida Employment Standards and Training Council, former president of the Pinellas County Fire Chief Association, and was named Florida's Fire Chief of the Year for 2010/2011. Currently the legislative co-chair for the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, Chief Angle has a Master's Degree in Business and Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science and Safety Engineering.

David Harlow

David Harlow is currently the Eastern Region Fire Division Manager for Rimkus Consulting Group. He retired as a Division Chief for the Fairborn Fire Department in suburban Dayton, Ohio, and formerly served as Fire Chief in Lighthouse Point, Florida. An Executive Fire Officer, he has significant firsthand and research experience in fireground operations and incident command, and taught Fire Science and Safety Risk Management at Sinclair Community College. Mr. Harlow has an Associate's Degree in Fire Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Fire Administration, and a Master's Degree in Urban Administration.

William Lombardo

Bill Lombardo is Training Chief for South Trail Fire Rescue in Florida. In addition to training and education responsibilities at the department and fire academy level, he serves on the Florida Firefighters Employment, Standards, and Training Council. Mr. Lombardo's expertise with incident command and initial fire scene operations stems from a long career as an engine company lieutenant in response areas comprised of dwellings, commercial buildings, mid-rise complexes, and the wildland urban interface. He is an Executive Fire Officer graduate, and holds an Associate's Degree in Fire Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Management. Mr. Lombardo will complete his Master's Degree in Administration in 2012.

Craig Maciuba

Craig Maciuba is the Division Chief of Personnel and Administration for Palm Harbor Fire Rescue in Florida. He also serves as Commander of the Pinellas County Hazardous Materials Response Team. Broad experience in incident command, initial fire scene operations, and hazardous materials operations informs his many educational and training responsibilities at the fire department and fire academy levels. Mr. Maciuba is an Executive Fire Officer and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Administration.

Michael Gala, Jr.

Michael Gala is a Fire Department Captain with noteworthy experience as a fire officer for the renowned FDNY. Especially well-versed in engine and truck company functions, and operations in multi-story buildings, his teaching experience includes training fire service personnel at the New York City Fire Department Training Academy. Mr. Gala is currently assigned to one of the busiest ladder companies in New York City. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Service Administration and a Master's Degree in Protection Management.