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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Heating and Cooling Technicians, 3rd Edition

  • Russell B. DeVore
  • ISBN-10: 082737948X  |  ISBN-13: 9780827379480
  • 290 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1991, 1981
  • © 1998 | Published
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The only text that takes basic math concepts and applies them specifically to HVAC! This unique text covers the entire range of mathematical problems and subjects encountered by HVAC technicians in real-world situations. With practice problems, a review unit, and three review tests, students can easily assimilate the material presented and visualize its use in the field. A glossary defines terms specific to HVAC, while conversion charts present critical field information at a glance. This book works well as a math text all by itself, or in conjunction with a general math text. An instructor's guide includes two achievement review tests with answer keys, as well as answer keys to problems in the book.

Features and Benefits

  • contains new application problems involving the latest recycling, recovery, and reclaim techniques
  • numerous figures ease learning by providing a visualization of the problem presented
  • conversion charts present critical formulas and mathematical information at a glance
  • glossary familiarizes users with important HVAC terms

Table of Contents

WHOLE NUMBERS: Addition of Whole Numbers. Subtraction of Whole Numbers. Multiplication of Whole Numbers. Division of Whole Numbers. Combined Operations with Whole Numbers. COMMON FRACTIONS: Addition of Common Fractions. Subtraction of Common Fractions. Multiplication of Common Fractions. Division of Common Fractions. Combined Operations with Common Fractions. DECIMAL FRACTIONS: Addition of Decimal Fractions. Subtraction of Decimal Fractions. Multiplication of Decimal Fractions. Division of Decimal Fractions. Decimal & Common Fraction Equivalents. Combined Operations with Decimal Fractions. PERCENT, PERCENTAGE, & DISCOUNT: Percent & Percentage. Discounts. RATIO & PROPORTION: Ratio. Proportion. DIRECT MEASURE: Units of Length Measure. Equivalent Units of Length Measure. Length Measure. Angular Measure. Equivalent Units of Temperature Measure. COMPUTED MEASURE: Area Measure. Equivalent Units of Area Measure. Rectangular Volumes. Cylindrical Volumes. FORMULAS: Ohm''s Law & Electrical Relationships. Gas Laws. Heat Load Calculations. STRETCHOUTS & LENGTHS OF ARCS: Stretchouts of Square & Rectangular Ducts. Stretchouts of Circular Ducts. Length of Arcs of Circles. TRIGONOMETRY: Trigonometric Functions. GRAPHS: Graphs & Graphing. BILLS: Estimates & Bills. Achievement Review A. Achievement Review B. Achievement Review C. APPENDIX: Denominate Numbers. Equivalents. Formulas. Table of Trigonometric Functions. Glossary. Odd Number Answers.

What's New

  • HVAC-related text applies general math concepts specifically to the field

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Russell B. DeVore

Russell B. DeVore [retired] was a Shift Technical Advisor and Simulator Instructor at the training center of a nuclear power plant for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. He is former Chair of the Arts & Sciences Division at Trident Technical College, and a former physics teacher at Bloomsburg University. Currently, he teaches on campus at a community college and online at a four-year state college. Dr. DeVore has worked in the energy and education fields for many years, contributing both academic and practical expertise to this book. He is also the author of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR HEATING AND COOLING TECHNICIANS.