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MindTap® Nutrition, 1 term (6 months) Instant Access for Whitney/Rolfes' Understanding Nutrition, 13th Edition

  • Eleanor Noss Whitney
  • Sharon Rady Rolfes
  • ISBN-10: 1285776143  |  ISBN-13: 9781285776149
  • © 2013 | Published
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MINDTAP NUTRITION FOR WHITNEY/ROLFE'S UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION, THIRTEENTH EDITION is a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built upon Cengage Learning content. MINDTAP combines student learning tools--reading, multimedia, activities and assessments--into a singular Learning Path that guides students through their course. Instructors personalize the experience by customizing authoritative Cengage Learning content and learning tools, including the ability to add their own content in the Learning Path via apps that integrate into the MINDTAP framework seamlessly. MINDTAP NUTRITION also features Diet & Wellness Plus, Quizzing, Animations, Videos, and Chapter Activities. Learn more at www.cengage.com/mindtap.

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  • Seamless delivery of content and digital assets that engage students, encourage interactivity, and meet your specific course needs.
  • Break course content down into movable objects to promote personalization, encourage interactivity and ensure student engagement.
  • Utilize apps that help students learn, understand, and apply key concepts that support focused teaching and learning.
  • Customize the course--from tools to text--and make adjustments "on the fly," to include breaking news and incorporate today's teachable moments.
  • Add your own content--including documents, images, video and more--to engage your students with resources such as your own research and local/regional examples.
  • Bring interactivity into learning through the integration of multimedia assets (apps from Cengage Learning and other providers), numerous in-context exercises and supplements; student engagement will increase, leading to better student outcomes.
  • Track students' use, activities and comprehension in real-time, so you can provide early intervention to influence progress and outcomes. Grades are visible and archived so students and instructors always have access to current standings in the class.
  • Assess knowledge throughout each section: after readings, in activities, homework, and quizzes.
  • The "Diet & Wellness Plus" app in MINDTAP NUTRITION helps students gain a better understanding of how nutrition relates to their personal health goals. It enables them to track their diet and activity, generate reports, and analyze the nutritional value of the food they eat. It includes over 55,000 foods in its database, custom food and recipe features, the latest Dietary References, as well as student goals and actual percentages of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Diet & Wellness Plus helps students identify a problem behavior and make a positive change.

Content and Assets

The MindTap Learning Path guides students through readings, multimedia, and activities designed to follow the learning taxonomy from basic knowledge and comprehension up to analysis and application. By hiding, rearranging, or adding your own content, you control what students see and when they see it and match the Learning Path to your course syllabus exactly.

Diet & Wellness Plus Tracking.
Pop-Up Tutors.
Case Studies.
Nutrition Portfolio Assignments.

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ePack: Cengage Advantage Books: Understanding Nutrition, Loose-leaf Version, 13th + MindTap® Nutrition, 1 term (6 months) Instant Access

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  • Cengage Advantage Books: Understanding Nutrition
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  • MindTap® Nutrition, 1 term (6 months) Instant Access for Whitney/Rolfes' Understanding Nutrition
    List Price = $113.00  | CengageBrain Price = $113.00  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $113.00

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Eleanor Noss Whitney

Ellie Whitney, PhD grew up in New York City and received her B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English and biology at Radcliffe/Harvard University and Washington Universities, respectively. She has taught at both Florida State University and Florida A&M University, has written newspaper columns on environmental matters for the Tallahassee Democrat, and has authored almost a dozen college textbooks on nutrition, health, and related topics, many of which have been revised multiple times over the years. In addition to teaching and writing, she has spent the past three-plus decades exploring outdoor Florida and studying its ecology. Her latest book is Priceless Florida: The Natural Ecosystems (Pineapple Press, 2004).

Sharon Rady Rolfes

Sharon Rady Rolfes is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founding member of Nutrition and Health Associates, an information resource center that manages a research database of more than 1,000 nutrition-related topics. Previously, Ms. Rolfes taught at Florida State University and coauthored several other college textbooks, including Understanding Nutrition. In addition to writing, Ms. Rolfes consults on educational projects, and volunteers on the board of Working Well, a community initiative dedicated to creating a healthy workforce. A member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, she received her MS in Nutrition and Food Science from Florida State University.