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Navigating Your Career: Develop Your Plan, Manage Your Boss, Get Another Job Inside, 1st Edition

  • Kate Wendleton
  • ISBN-10: 1418015016  |  ISBN-13: 9781418015015
  • 224 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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A hands-on approach to developing your career within your present organization. Readers learn the inner workings of how organizations function in order to better position themselves for key promotions, and learn how to develop themselves professionally for lifelong career success. Numerous case studies make the content real, and easy to apply.

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Features and Benefits

  • Gives a hands-on approach to career development within an organization, for both internal promotions and lifelong career success
  • Provides steps to enhance interpersonal skills for success within an organization
  • Numerous case studies make content real and easily applied
  • Contains exercises that help chart the right career path
  • Learn to strengthen your interpersonal skills in the office

Table of Contents

Part One: Deciding What You Want Start by Understanding Yourself
Part Two: Designing Your Career Looking Into Your Future
Part Three: Developing Yourself Professionally And Adapting to Change
Part Four: Managing Up, Down and Across Developing Your Interpersonal Relationships
Part Five: Searching for a New Job Within Your Present Firm Build Your Résumé, Contact People, Follow Up.
Part Six: What is The Five O'Clock Club? "America's Premier Career Coaching Network"

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Kate Wendleton

The Five O'Clock Club -- where your professional success gets personal attention. Started in 1986, our mantra is that "we always do what is in the best interests of the job hunter." Our founder, Kate Wendleton, has been a career coach since 1978, when she founded The Five O'Clock Club and developed its basic methodology to help job hunters and career changers of all levels in job-search strategy groups headed by senior Five O'Clock Club-certified coaches. Kate, Five O'Clock Club coaches, and members of our management team have appeared on the Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Larry King, National Public Radio and CBS, and in The New York Times, The Economist, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, Business Week and other national media.