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The Music Producer's Survival Guide: Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music, 1st Edition

  • Brian M. Jackson
  • ISBN-10: 1285198921  |  ISBN-13: 9781285198927
  • 300 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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A music-career book like no other, THE MUSIC PRODUCER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE: CHAOS, CREATIVITY, AND CAREER IN INDEPENDENT AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC offers a wide-ranging, exploratory, yet refreshingly down-to-earth take on living the life of the independent electronic music producer. If you are an intellectually curious musician/producer eager to make your mark in today’s technologically advanced music business, you’re in for a treat. In this friendly, philosophical take on the art and science of music production, veteran producer, engineer, and teacher Brian Jackson shares clear, practical advice about shaping your own career in today’s computer-centric “home-studio” music world. You’ll cover music technology, philosophy of music production, career planning, networking, craft and creativity, the DIY ethos, lifestyle considerations, and much more. Brian’s thoughtful approach will teach you to integrate your creative passion, your lifestyle, and your technical know-how. The Music Producer’s Survival Guide is the first music-production book to consider the influence of complexity studies and chaos theory on music-making and career development. Focused on practicality, and guided by the “big picture” framework of Integral theory, it traverses a wide spectrum of topics, including presets, the butterfly effect, granular synthesis, harmonic ratios, the TR-808, altered states, fractals, P2P file sharing, and more. Carving out your niche in music today is an invigorating challenge that will test all your skills and capacities. Learn to survive—and thrive—as a creative-technical professional in today’s music business, with the help of Brian Jackson and THE MUSIC PRODUCER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE: CHAOS, CREATIVITY, AND CAREER IN INDEPENDENT AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers pursuing a career in the world of independent and electronic music production.
  • Is grounded in a cohesive philosophical framework with practical applications.
  • Offers tips for working creatively and successfully in today's computer-centric music production environment.

Table of Contents

1. Musica Universalis.
2. Plot Point on The Space-Time Continuum.
3. What is Your plan?
4. Master Your Craft.
5. The Social Scene.
6. Producer Tips.
7. Creative Process.
8. Selecting Your Tools.
9. Lifestyle Tips.
10. Dénouement.
Appendix A: Chaos Theory & Complexity Studies Primer.
Appendix B: Integral Theory Primer.
Appendix C: Interview with Hank Shocklee.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Brian M. Jackson

Bio: Brian Jackson is a music producer, audio engineer, teacher, and philosopher. He is co-owner and Director of Education at Devotion Gallery, which is also his Ableton Certified Training Center in Brooklyn. Brian’s involvement in DIY, independent, and underground music culture started in Detroit more than two decades ago. He has produced various styles of electronic music, played bass in bands, promoted club events, attempted a record label, and deejayed after-hours parties. From award-winning experimental video to TV shows such as 24, his sounds have been heard worldwide. He uses the pseudonym “Infinite Volume” for solo works and remixes, was half of the conceptual retro-future electro synth A/V duo “Memory Systems,” and co-founded the genre-bending band “I Am Spoonbender” (1996-2000). He is the author of three tutorial DVDs on Ableton Live and technical editor of books on Live and Pro Tools, among others. He lives and works at his studio, Form Labs, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. You can find him online at www.form8.com.