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Mathematical Applications in Agriculture, 2nd Edition

  • Nina H. Mitchell
  • ISBN-10: 1111310661  |  ISBN-13: 9781111310660
  • 297 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2004
  • © 2012 | Published
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Students get the applied math skills they need for the modern farming industry with MATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS IN AGRICULTURE, 2nd Edition. Invaluable in any area of agriculture-from livestock and dairy production to horticulture and agronomy -the text focuses on methods for solving problems students will encounter in the real world using math and logic skills. Clearly written and thoughtfully organized, the stand-alone chapters on mathematics involved in crop production, livestock production, horticulture, and financial management allow instructors flexibility in selecting the topics most appropriate to a given region, while line drawings, charts, graphs, case studies, examples, and sample problems help students grasp the concepts and hone their critical thinking skills.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • ROBUST SET OF APPENDICES: Appendix items contain quick reference guides for readers to use including common formulas, conversion items and abbreviations.
  • MULTIPLE OPERATIONS: Sample problems contain multiple operations and require students to read scenarios and extrapolate the data needed to work out the problem, and develop better reasoning skills in the process.
  • REAL SITUATIONS FROM THE FIELD: All problems in the text stem from real life scenarios faced in agriculture, giving students practical experience and more exposure to agricultural facts.
  • STAND-ALONE CHAPTERS: Teach your course in any order--according to region, specialty, or mathematical concept-with the text’s flexibly presented material.
  • ROBUST INSTRUCTOR’S RESOURCE: Extra problem sets and additional quizzing problems help simplify planning, teaching, and assessment for your course.

Table of Contents

1. Mathematical Operations.
Whole Numbers. Fractions. Decimals. Ratio and Proportion. Percent. Estimating. Chapter 1 Test.
2. Measurements.
Conversions. Special Triangles. Perimeter and Area. Volume. Land Measurements.
Chapter 2 Test.
3. Special Topics.
Accuracy. Scale Drawings. General Formulas. Slope. Graphs. Introduction to Statistics. Chapter 3 Test.
4. Corn.
Soil Preparation. Planting. Harvesting. Storage. Performance Event. Chapter 4 Test.
5. Wheat and Small Grains.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Storage. Performance Event. Chapter 5 Test.
6. Soybeans.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Storage. Performance Event. Chapter 6 Test.
7. Tobacco.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Housing. Performance Event. Chapter 7 Test.
8. Cotton.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Processing. Performance Event. Chapter 8 Test.
9. Peanuts.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Storage. Performance Event. Chapter 9 Test.
10. Rice.
Soil Preparation and Planting. Harvesting and Storage. Performance Event. Chapter 10 Test.
11. Gardening.
Greenhouse and Nursery. Fruits and Nuts. Vegetables. Home Gardens and Farmers’ Markets. Performance Event. Chapter 11 Test.
12. Landscaping.
Turfgrass. Landscaping. Decks and Patios. Retaining Walls and Soil Conservation. Performance Event. Chapter 12 Test.
13. Cattle.
Cows and Calves. Feedlot. Dairy. Performance Event. Chapter 13 Test.
14. Swine.
Sows and Pigs. Feeders and Finisher Pigs. Performance Event. Chapter 14 Test.
15. Poultry.
Layers Broilers. Performance Event. Chapter 15 Test.
16. Other Animals.
Horses. Sheep and Goats. Performance Event. Chapter 16 Test.
Marketing. Fertilizer and Chemical Suppliers. Machinery and Equipment. Feed and General Supplies. Performance Event. Chapter 17 Test.
18. Finances. Agribusiness Finances. Personal Finances. Performance Event. Chapter 18 Test.
Appendix A: Quick Review of Arithmetic.
Appendix B: Quick Review of Applied Geometry.
Appendix C: Quick Review of Algebra.
Appendix D: Conversions.
Appendix E: Formulas.
Answers to Even-Numbered Problems.

What's New

  • DETAILED UPDATES: Give students the latest facts and figures with the text’s completely updated information on production cost and income from the sale of agricultural commodities, as well as new farming practices and the latest trends in production agriculture. HELPFUL LEARNING FEATURES: Students and instructors will better visualize and understand usage of common agricultural equipment when they examine the new photos throughout the text, while the running glossary reinforces student understanding of industry-specific vocabulary.
  • EXPANDED HORTICULTURE, GARDENING, AND LANDSCAPING: Added to meet the needs of small-tract farmers and homeowners, new and expanded topics in the text address horticulture, home gardening, and farmers’ markets, as well as landscaping with decks, patios, and retaining walls.
  • ESSENTIAL STATISTICS COVERAGE: Introducing students to the new statistics coverage in the text gives them the foundation they need to understand the math for Precision Agriculture.
  • MODERN IRRIGATION PROBLEMS AND FORMULAS: Added throughout, essential new formulas and problems related to irrigation and electricity help students better understand water requirements and using motors and power sources.

Efficacy and Outcomes


“Strengths: great, practical applications and problem sets; very relevant data and applications; and is easy to read.”

— Dennis Duncan, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator at ALEC-UGA


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Instructor's Resource  (ISBN-10: 111131067X | ISBN-13: 9781111310677)

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Nina H. Mitchell

Since 1990, Nina H. Mitchell has taught developmental mathematics, mathematics for nursing, and mathematics for agriculture at the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)/Hopkinsville Community College, where she received the award for outstanding adjunct faculty member in 2000. Previously a high school math teacher for 27 years, she taught courses from general mathematics through calculus. Ms. Mitchell has lived on farms her entire life, owning and operating her own for more than 40 years, and has been involved with several types of crop and livestock production. Ms. Mitchell holds a B.S. in mathematics with minors in physics and chemistry.