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Social Security Disability and the Legal Professional, 1st Edition

  • Jeffrey Scott Wolfe
  • Lisa B. Proszek
  • ISBN-10: 0766821153  |  ISBN-13: 9780766821156
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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This comprehensive introduction to the Social Security disability system begins with basic information and builds with each chapter for thorough coverage in an easy-to-read style. In each chapter, the author uses a gender-neutral character, “Chris” to pose questions and find solutions during the appeals process as a way to personalize the content and procedures, and to enhance understanding. This book is primarily directed toward paralegal programs and undergraduate legal studies or social sciences courses. As a supplemental text in a Health Law or Administrative Law course or as a reference text for law offices, this book will assist those legal professionals involved in the more than 500,000 claims heard by federal administrative law judges each year. It introduces and familiarizes the student with the disability claims process with reference to the appropriate governing regulations rather than a tedious review of case law.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains the Social Security program from the ground up in an easy-to-understand format to build on and enhance learning without assuming previous experience with the topic
  • Combines a �how-to� approach with pertinent regulations addressing key issues within each of the five steps in the sequential evaluation process to put the steps into proper context
  • Narrative scenarios illustrate concepts and give a �real world� context to aid understanding and engage the reader

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Administrative Determination.
Chapter 2: Service as a Representative in Social Security Disability and Claims.
Chapter 3: Social Security Disability Programs: Eligibility Requirements for Title II Disability Insurance Claims.
Chapter 4 Eligibility Requirements for Title XVI Supplemental Security Income Benefits Claims.
Chapter 5: Understanding Your Case: The Definition of Adult Disability for Title II and Title XVI Supplemental Security Income Benefits Claims.
Chapter 6: Step One of the Sequential Evaluation Process: Substantial Gainful Activity. Chapter 7: Step Two of the Sequential Evaluation Process: “Sever” Impairments and Basic Work Activities.
Chapter 8: Step Three in the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process: The Listings. Chapter 9: The five Step Sequential Evaluation Process: Step “Three-and-a Half” – Residual Functional Capacity.
Chapter 10: Understanding Your Case: Step Four in the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process: Past Relevant Work.
Chapter 11: Understanding Your Case: Step Five in the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process: The Work.
Chapter 12: Understanding Your Case: Childhood Disability.
Chapter 13: Conducting the First Interview in Social Security Disability Appeals.
Chapter 14: Understanding Your Case: The Hearing Process.
Chapter 15: Understanding Your Case: The Post-Hearing Process.
Chapter 16: Understanding Your Case: An Exemplar Case File.
Chapter 17: The Appeals Council.
Chapter 18: Special Circumstances and Cases.
Chapter 19: Understanding Your Case: The Administrative Law Judge Decision.
Chapter 20: Internet Resources.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Lisa B. Proszek

Lisa Proszek is a staff attorney for the office of hearings and appeals as well as a private-practice attorney.