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The Science of Animal Agriculture, 3rd Edition

  • Ray V. Herren University of Georgia, Athens (Emeritus)
  • ISBN-10: 1401870996  |  ISBN-13: 9781401870997
  • 384 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2000, 1993
  • © 2007 | Published
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The Science of Animal Agriculture, third edition is designed for courses aimed at teaching science along with concepts associated with the industry of animal agriculture. This book responds to the current trends in education that promote connecting academic theory with real world applications. Research shows that students gain a better grasp of scientific theory if the theories are taught in an application context, and this text presents the application of biological science used in producing and caring for animals. Topics such as nutrition, anatomy, genetics, entomology, pathology, and animal behavior are covered in depth. These complicated areas are presented in the context of how they are used in the animal industry, allowing the student to make a distinct correlation. Students will benefit from this science-based, animal agriculture text that makes complicated biology principles easy to grasp the context of their application.

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Features and Benefits

  • Presents agricultural and biological concepts for a better understanding of the animal agricultural industry
  • Fits into educational trend of connecting theory to application
  • Connects real life scenarios with biological principles to help readers retain the concepts presented
  • Excellent illustrations lead to a clearer understanding of key concepts

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Animal Agriculture as Science
Chapter 2: The Classification of Agricultural Animals
Chapter 3: The Beef Industry
Chapter 4: The Dairy Industry
Chapter 5: The Swine Industry
Chapter 6: The Poultry Industry
Chapter 7: The Sheep Industry
Chapter 8: The Horse Industry
Chapter 9: The Aquaculture Industry
Chapter 10: The Small Animal Industry
Chapter 11: Alternative Animal Agriculture
Chapter 12: The Honey Bee Industry
Chapter 13: Animal Behavior
Chapter 14: Animal Genetics
Chapter 15: The Scientific Selection of Agricultural Animals
Chapter 16: The Reproduction Process
Chapter 17: Cloning Animals
Chapter 18: Animal Growth and Development
Chapter 19: Animal Nutrition
Chapter 20: Meat Science
Chapter 21: Parasites of Agricultural Animals
Chapter 22: Animal Diseases
Chapter 23: The Issue of Animal Welfare
Chapter 24: Consumer Concerns
Chapter 25: Careers in Animal Science
Appendix A: Examples of Common Livestock Breeds

What's New

  • New chapters have been added covering meat science, the feed industry, competitive livestock evaluation, and bee culture
  • Images throughout the book have been updated and changed to full color
  • Content throughout the text has been updated to reflect current trends and standards with the agriculture industry

Efficacy and Outcomes


I appreciate the fact that the author addresses animal rights vs animal welfare and consumer concerns with the animal agricultre industry.

— Clyde Johnson

My students get Life Science credit so I must cover many of the basic science principles as well as principles of animal sceince. For this reason, I like the fact that the lab manual starts students with some basic science labs, like the Scientific Methos and Calssification.

— Harold Johnson


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ray V. Herren

Dr. Ray V. Herren has been actively involved in agriculture for most of his life. He grew up on a diversified farm, where he played a major role in the production of livestock. He obtained a bachelor of science degree in agricultural education from Auburn University, a master's degree in agribusiness education from Alabama A & M, and a doctorate in vocational education (with an emphasis in agricultural education) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Herren has taught at Gaylesville High School, Virginia Tech, Oregon State University, and the University of Georgia in Athens, where he recently retired as head of the Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communication. In addition to serving as national president in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni organization, he has served on numerous committees from the local to international level, including a national task force to develop FFA programs for middle school and the national committee for career development events. His prolific scholarly activity includes 26 journal articles, 51 invited or refereed presentations, and 12 books and manuals. He has also earned several awards for his commitment to service, including induction into the Georgia Agricultural Teacher Hall of Fame and UGA's prestigious College of Education Outstanding Teaching Award.