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OWLv2 24-Months LabSkills Prelabs for General Chemistry Instant Access, 1st Edition

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Are your students ready for Lab? OWLv2 LabSkills is an online program that prepares students for their lab sessions through Prelab assignments in OWLv2, the leading online learning system for Chemistry. LabSkills makes it easy for you to require students to complete the material prior to attending lab. LabSkills content in OWLv2 is easy to assign and is automatically graded. LabSkills is currently used by schools and universities in more than thirty countries worldwide.

Content and Assets

1. Safety in the Laboratory
2. Keeping a Laboratory Notebook
3. Writing a Laboratory Report
4. Weighing with a Top Pan Balance
5. Weighing with an Analytical Balance
6. Using Graduated Cylinders
7. Using Volumetric Pipets
8. Using Graduated Pipets
9. Preparing Standard Solutions
10. Preparing Standard Solutions by Dilution
11. Heating with a Bunsen Burner
12. Using an Electric Hot Plate and Magnetic Stirrer
13. Cooling with an Ice Bath
14. Heating with a Water Bath
15. Measuring pH with a pH Meter
16. Using pH Indicators
17. pH and Buffer Calculations
18. Titration Experiments
19. Titration Calculations
20. Calorimetry for Measuring Enthalpy Change of Neutralization
21. Calorimetry for Measuring Enthalpy Change of Combustion
22. Enthalpy Change Calculations
23. Redox Reactions
24. Electrochemical Cells
25. Performing a Gravity Filtration
26. Performing a Vacuum Filtration (Büchner)
27. Using a Centrifuge
28. Performing a Recrystallization
29. Performing a Melting Point Analysis
30. Using a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
31. Qualitative Tests for Anions and Cations
32. Density Calculations
33. Balancing Equations
34. Mole Calculations Involving Molar Mass
35. Mole Calculations Involving Solids
36. Mole Calculations Involving Solutions
37. Mole Calculations to Determine Yield
38. Ideal Gas Calculations
39. Equilibrium Constant Calculations
40. Equilibria - Le Chatelier’s Principle
41. Rate of Reaction Calculations
42. Error Analysis: Combining Errors
43. Error Analysis: Percentage Error
44. Error Analysis: Standard Deviation
45. Significant Figures

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Learning Science

Learning Science Ltd is a learning technology company that creates innovative systems and resources for science education. Established in 2007, the company has rapidly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality resources at the forefront of educational technology. Learning Science is involved in all the main areas of science at all levels, from primary and secondary to undergraduate, graduate, and professional. It is responsible for creating and commercializing LabSkills in partnership with Bristol ChemLabS. Bristol ChemLabS, based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, is the UK's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning dedicated to practical chemistry, and was established in 2005 following substantial investment from HEFCE and the University of Bristol.