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The Rashaayda Bedouin: Arab Pastoralists of Eastern Sudan, 1st Edition

  • William C. Young Georgia Southern University
  • ISBN-10: 0155015133  |  ISBN-13: 9780155015135
  • 244 Pages
  • © 1996 | Published
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A supplement to introductory anthropology and cultural anthropology courses, this is the only available book-length study of an Arab Bedouin society that supplements customary observations with data about gender and race. This case study integrates cultural meanings with the pastoral economy in clear, non-technical language. Drawing on the Bedouin notion of habitus, the author points out connections between the cultural organization of space, the sexual division of labor, and gender identity, giving students a strong model of the kind of analysis influential in contemporary anthropology. Extensive pedagogy includes glossaries of Arabic terms and anthropological vocabulary, a current bibliography, diagrams of social relationships, and maps and photographs.

Table of Contents

1. The Daily Life of Some Rashaayda at the End of the Migratory Season.
2. Pastoralism and the Social Organization of the Rashaayda.
3. Culture and Structure in Rashiidi Society.
4. History and Identity Among the Rashaayda.
Glossary of Arabic Terms.