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Culturally Competent Practice: A Framework for Understanding, 4th Edition

  • Doman Lum Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento
  • ISBN-10: 0840034431  |  ISBN-13: 9780840034434
  • 592 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007, 2003, 1999
  • © 2011 | Published
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CULTURALLY COMPETENT PRACTICE: A FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERSTANDING DIVERSE GROUPS & JUSTICE ISSUES continues its strong tradition of presenting a model for understanding, measuring, and evaluating cultural competence. Author Doman Lum explains how clients and workers can become culturally competent and proficient by working through culturally based problems together. This innovative text emphasizes cultural competence as a dialogical process. It challenges students and professors to continue the conversation to achieve greater mutual understanding and social justice.

Features and Benefits

  • A practice model, which addresses social reality, cultural competence framework, diversity groups and goal outcome, provides students with a foundation for understanding and working with diverse populations.
  • With this leading-edge revision, Lum asks how both clients and workers can become culturally competent and proficient by working through culturally based problems together.
  • Questionnaires help students with the application of concepts in their personal and professional lives.
  • A pre-test and post-test instrument on ethnic and cultural groups and on social and economic justice provides additional tools for measuring student competency in social work diversity, populations-at-risk, and social and economic justice.
  • Contributions from renowned and respected members of social work education include Dorothy Van Soest, Francis K. O. Yuen, Hilary N. Weaver, Nocona Pewewardy, Rhea V. Almeida, Lisa Dressner, Caroline Hann, Ruth McRoy, Margaret Lombe, Betty Garcia, Rowena Fong, Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Altat Husain, Christine T. Lowery, Carol Tully, Romel Mackelprang, Donna L. Yee, and Linda A. Revilla.

Table of Contents

1. Culturally Competent Practice.
2. Social Context.
3. Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice.
4. A Framework for Cultural Competence.
5. Cultural Awareness.
6. Knowledge Acquisition.
7. Skills Development.
8. Cultural Competence with First Nations People.
9. Cultural Competence with European Americans.
10. Cultural Competence with African Americans.
11. Cultural Competence with Latino Americans.
12. Cultural Competence with Asian Americans.
13. Cultural Competence with Muslim Americans.
14. Cultural Competence with Women.
15. Cultural Competence with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons.
16. Cultural Competence with Persons with Disabilities.
17. Cultural Competence with Elderly Persons.
18. Some Reflections on Culturally Competent Practice.

What's New

  • New! Chapter 1 emphasizes the necessity for clarity of definition and synthesizes past and present definitions and critiques of cultural competence into a current and comprehensive working definition.
  • New! Chapters on cultural competence with Muslim Americans, European Americans, elderly persons and persons with disabilities encourage greater discussion of the specific issues facing these cultural groups.
  • New! Updates on cultural competence literature and trends with the most up-to-date information better equip students to navigate the constantly evolving multicultural landscape.
  • New! While rooted in the rich history and tradition of the cultural competence movement, a forward-looking section on “New Horizons and the Unfinished Agenda” emphasizes cultural competence as dialogical process and challenges students and professors to continue the conversation to achieve greater mutual understanding and social justice.
  • New! The Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank and PowerPoint slides will help you plan and teach your course.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Doman Lum

Doman Lum is professor emeritus of social work at California State University, Sacramento. He was recently featured in CELEBRATING SOCIAL WORK: FACES AND VOICES OF FORMATIVE YEARS, a book commemorating social work and social work education. His previous texts include SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE AND PEOPLE OF COLOR: A PROCESS-STAGE APPROACH; MULTIDIMENSIONAL PRACTICE: DIVERSITY IN CONTEXT; CULTURAL COMPETENCE, PRACTICE STAGES AND CLIENT SYSTEMS: A CASE STUDY APPROACH; SOCIAL WORK AND HEALTH CARE POLICY; and RESPONDING TO SUICIDAL CRISIS. He has written articles on Asian Americans, health care delivery and health maintenance organizations, culturally diverse social work practice, suicide prevention, and pastoral counseling. Dr. Lum is a consulting editor for THE JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN SOCIAL WORK and ARETE, and has been on the board of directors and the Commission on Accreditation for the Council on Social Work Education. He received the Distinguished Recent Contributions in Social Work Education award from the Council on Social Work Education in 2000. He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, Northern California Conference.