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Introduction To Paralegal Studies, 2nd Edition

  • David Cooper
  • Michael J. Gibson
  • ISBN-10: 0827383398  |  ISBN-13: 9780827383395
  • 472 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1994
  • © 1998 | Published
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An Introduction to Paralegal Studies is a concise, easy-to-read book that provides basic coverage of the topics most important for a beginning paralegal student. It is aimed primarily at mid-level courses, but is an excellent choice for an introductory course in any paralegal program. This text is unique from other introductory texts in two important ways. The first is that paralegal skills are taught in the context of a single fictional case, Smith v. Lemon Motors. Students learn the skills necessary to prepare the Smith case for trial in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. The second is in the substantive law and the legal ethics chapters where general rules and principles of law are illustrated with actual cases. These cases also provide an opportunity to develop the important skill of reading case law.

Table of Contents

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PARALEGAL PROFESSION: What Is A Paralegal?. How Law Offices Are Organized And Managed. An Overview Of The American Legal System. BECOMING A LITERATE PROFESSIONAL:MASTERING LEGAL TERMS AND CONCEPTS: Legal Terms and Concepts: Contracts, Torts, And Criminal Law. Legal Terms And Concepts: Real Property, Business, Estate Planning and Probate, And Family Law. BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONAL MASTERING PARALEGAL SKILLS: Fact Investigation: Getting The Whole Story. Legal Research: Finding The Law. Legal Analysis and Writing: Applying The Law. The Litigation Process: Your Role As A Paralegal. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF A PARALEGAL: Legal Ethics: Guidelines For Professional Conduct. Paralegals And The Unauthorized Practice Of Law. APPENDIX. GLOSSARY. INDEX.

What's New

  • a section on evidence law gives students a sense of how evidence will ultimately be admitted in court
  • cases have been added to the legal ethics chapters illustrating real life situations in which paralegals have violated ethical rules.
  • more assignments and activities for practical hands-on work
  • cases have been added to the substantive law chapters enabling the reader to see how a general rule has been applied and provide an opportunity to develop the important skill of reading case law

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