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Art in the World, 4th Edition

  • Stella Pandella Russel Nassau Community College
  • ISBN-10: 0030765439  |  ISBN-13: 9780030765438
  • 560 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1989
  • © 1993 | Published
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In this comprehensive text, art is viewed as an outgrowth of successive periods and cultures, explaining the social fabric of societies and correlating with history, philosophy and science. The text also provides expanded coverage of the arts of the Far East, Mid East, Africa, America (Native) and Oceania, with an increased representation of minorities in American art including Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans. Discussions of architecture, painting, sculpture, advertising, graphics, film, photography, printmaking, ceramics, furniture, design. Jewelry and interior design are included to give students a full range of study. This edition with nearly 650 illustrations - more than 300 in color - throughout the text as examples for recognition and learning. Discusses art issues such as art censorship, the art market, and the new role of the museum and public art. “The Artist Sketch”, biographies of artists from ancient times to the present, gives students background information and insight into the lives of famous artists. “Art Talk”, covers biographies of art dealers, patrons and critics, as well as museum technologies, provides insight into important people and developments in the art world.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The World of Art.
Part. 1. The Creative Impulse.
1. Creation and Response.
2. Exploring the Artist's Language.
Part. 2. Two-Dimensional Media and Techniques.
3. Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media.
4. Printmaking.
5. Arts of the Lens.
Part. 3. Three-Dimensional Media and Techniques.
6. The Sculptural Arts.
7. Architecture and Environmental Design.
8. Design for Living.
9. Expanding the Boundaries of Art: Recent Issues.
Part. 4. Art in Society.
10. Magic and Ritual: Prehistory and the Ancient World.
11. Gods and Heroes: The Classical World and Beyond; Asia and the Americas.
12. Faith: The Middle Ages.
13. Crossroads: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo.
Part. 5. The Modern Age.
14. Revolution and the Modern World: 1776-1900.
15. Tradition and Innovation: 1900-1935.
16. America Ascending: 1900-1945.
17. The Mid-Century World: 1945-1970.
18. Our Own Time: The 1970s and Beyond.