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Personal Health: Perspectives and Lifestyles, 4th Edition

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  • Patricia A. Floyd Alabama State University
  • Sandra E. Mimms Alabama State University
  • Caroline Yelding Alabama State University
  • ISBN-10: 0495111570  |  ISBN-13: 9780495111573
  • 572 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2003, 1998
  • © 2008 | Published
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Respected instructors and authors Patricia Floyd, Sandra Mimms, and Caroline Yelding present an updated, modern Fourth Edition of Personal Health: Perspectives and Lifestyles that emphasizes the individual’s personal responsibility for wellness by presenting general (core) and current health information to help guide students’ decision making. The text presents health topics, including cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender diversity issues, identifies risk factors, and gives students useful and sensible suggestions to reduce their risk for preventable diseases and conditions in order to achieve optimal levels of wellness for themselves, friends, and family. Filled with practical advice, stimulating discussion questions and self-assessment exercises, this text takes an applied approach and empowers students to take control of their own health. Concentrated emphasis on health issues as they relate to various cultural differences make this text one of the most up-to date resources for health-related culture, gender, ethnic, and age issues.

Features and Benefits

  • The text is unique in the way it covers the macro issues of diversity, such as worldwide tobacco use, as well as more micro issues, such as shaving differences between African Americans and Caucasians. This broad coverage gives students more exposure to the issues of health and wellness that affect and influence all types of people.
  • Focus on Diversity boxes found throughout each chapter supply students with research information on diversity and health topics such as stress as it relates to age; gender differences in communication; Heart Attack-prone areas across the world; and HIV/AIDS in the African-American community.
  • Tips for Action boxes give students practical suggestions for developing good health habits.
  • Provocative Viewpoint features contain high-interest topics in the field of health and wellness to stimulate classroom discussion and encourage students to think critically about hot topics in the field. Topics include pro- and anti-gun proponents, circumcisions, needle exchange, and embryonic stem cell research.
  • FYI sidebars reveal fun and interesting health facts and statistics and are designed to entice students to want to read more.
  • Self Assessments conclude each chapter and provide students with the opportunity to assess their own behaviors and apply chapter lessons to their own lives.
  • It�s Your Turn�For Study and Review questions found at the end of each chapter reinforce chapter objectives and main chapter points.
  • Personal Health Resources are found at the end of each chapter and list relevant websites with brief descriptions, providing contact information so students have a reliable reference and resources to be able to deal with personal issues.
  • Think About Health is a critical thinking feature that contains controversial topics with InfoTrac® College Edition readings and activities.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Personal Health.
2. Personality and Emotional Health.
3. Stress and Health.
4. Personal Relationships.
5. Human Sexuality, Contraception, and Reproduction.
6. Communicable Diseases.
7. Noncommunicable Diseases.
8. Cardiovascular Diseases.
9. The Basics of Nutrition.
10. Weight Management.
11. Physical Activity and Health.
12. Psychoactive Drugs and Medications.
13. Tobacco and Alcohol.
14. Aging, Dying, and Death.
15. Consumerism and Environmental Health.

What's New

  • Support for your students' behavior change unlike any other web-based student resource is available with CengageNOW for health, which can be automatically packaged with new copies of the text and includes a personalized health change plan as well as a series of activities that reinforce key concepts discussed in the text. This student tool is what students have been waiting for! It is interesting, easy to use, and provides the learning resources to help them excel in the course.
  • New and expanded discussions include Healthy People 2010, Cholesterol Screening guidelines, 2000 and 2001 DRIs, Postpartum depression, Contraceptives, The Yo-Yo Syndrome, Children and Adolescent Weight Programs, Exercise for the disabled, OxyContin, Ecstasy, and more.
  • Within 15 manageable chapters, the text explores eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuses, and physical/mental abuse issues related to family, spousal, child, battered women, adolescent smokers, weight management, and more, making this an extensive yet manageable text.

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