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Working, 4th Edition

  • Larry J. Bailey Carbondale, IL
  • ISBN-10: 0538444029  |  ISBN-13: 9780538444026
  • 528 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2003, 1997, 1990
  • © 2007 | Published
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WORKING gives users a solid grasp of how to prepare for work and life through career planning, money management, and independent-living techniques. Written in engaging and flexible content, this edition has new features such as coverage of today's hottest careers, easy-to-remember rules for improving study skills, and strong emphasis on critical SCANS workplace skills. With comprehensive coverage and special sections that focus on diversity, listening skills, problem solving and time management, this text provides the tools needed to excel and succeed in both academic and professional careers.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete set of ancillaries available to assist teachers in lesson preparation and enhance student learning.
  • Text covers a large variety of occupations, techniques for finding and utilizing job leads, critical SCANS skills, listening skills, and time management.
  • Text covers occupations in the digital age, showing students many new and exciting career options.
  • Math Connection and Communication at Work features reinforce the basic skills necessary for life and work.
  • Visit the Working Web site at: http://working.swlearning.com for more information.

Table of Contents

1. Learning about Work.
2. The Job Ahead.
3. Looking for a Job.
4. Applying for a Job.
5. Interviewing for a Job.
6. Beginning a New Job.
7. Expectations of Employers.
8. Worker Rights and Protections.
9. Human Relations at Work.
10. Earnings and Job Advancement.
11. Appearance on the Job.
12. Career Decision Making.
13. Information About Yourself.
14. Career Information.
15. Communication Skills.
16. Math and Measurement Skills.
17. Safety Skills.
18. Leadership Skills.
19. Computer and Technology Skills.
20. Entrepreneurial Skills.
21. Our Economic World.
22. The Consumer in the Marketplace.
23. Banking and Credit.
24. Budgeting, Saving, and Investing Money.
25. Insuring Against Loss.
26. Taxes and Taxation.
27. Social Security and IRAs.
28. The Legal System.
29. Where to Live.
30. Healthful Living.
31. Responsible Citizenship.
32. Education for Lifelong Learning.

What's New

  • Career Cluster Search uses Gale�s Student Resource Center database to give students more possibilities for future careers.
  • Net Bookmarks feature provides online activities for students to go beyond the book.
  • Life-Span Plan Project links all aspects of personal finance to the student's life in a capstone project.
  • Career Cluster icons showing the U.S. Department of Education�s 16 career clusters have been added at point of use.

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Anotated Instructor's Edition Working Papers  (ISBN-10: 0538444053 | ISBN-13: 9780538444057)

This teacher ancillary includes an annotated version of the Student Workbook with suggested answers provided for all activities.

Student Supplements

Workbook  (ISBN-10: 0538444037 | ISBN-13: 9780538444033)

The Student Workbook contains two parts. Part 1 includes 128 activities, problems, questions, forms, and puzzles to interest and challenge students. Part 2 provides a "mini" Occupational Outlook Handbook for students to use in exploring occupational clusters and investigating specific occupations of interest.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Larry J. Bailey

Larry J. Bailey attended Ball State University on an academic scholarship and taught high school industrial arts prior to attending graduate school at the University of Illinois where he completed the Doctor of Education degree in Vocational Education at age 26. He held faculty research positions at the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa before joining Southern Illinois University in 1969. Dr. Bailey is the author of eight books and more than 100 other publications. During his tenure, he was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Career Education and the Illinois Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education. He retired from his professorship at SIU in 2004 after 35 years of service.