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Microsoft® Visual Basic 2012 for Windows Applications: Introductory, 1st Edition

  • Corinne Hoisington Central Virginia Community College
  • ISBN-10: 1285197992  |  ISBN-13: 9781285197999
  • 520 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2011, 2009, 2007
  • © 2014 | Published
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  • Newer Edition Available
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MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2012 FOR WINDOWS APPLICATIONS: INTRODUCTORY teaches students the essentials of computer programming using the latest Visual Basic programming language, Visual Basic 2012. Six chapters and four appendices cover topics such as designing a Visual Basic user interface, creating a windows application, variables and arithmetic operations, mobile applications using decision structures, and loop structures. Written in a straight-forward style with the innovative Guided Program Development section in each chapter, this text makes it easy for any novice programmer to understand the core capabilities and fundamental skills and techniques for Visual Basic 2012.

Features and Benefits

  • Coverage of Microsoft® Visual Studio 2012 provides students with the most recent software updates, including the new Windows Store App Development and Design.
  • New pedagogical elements enrich material and create an accessible and user-friendly approach allowing easy navigation through the skills in each chapter including the new touch interface.
  • An introductory presentation of Visual Basic 2012, including an emphasis on the three-step process to build an application, creating the user interface, setting properties, and writing the code, provides students with the coverage they need to efficiently use the software.
  • A step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach allows students to successfully learn and retain information to be used in their personal and professional lives. A new critical thinking feature called "Consider This" develops the "why" analytical skills to complete student understanding of each chapter.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Visual Basic 2012 Programming.
2. Program and Graphical User Interface Design.
3. Program Design and Coding.
4. Variables and Arithmetic Operations.
5. Decision Structures.
6. Loop Structures.

What's New

  • A new appendix offers a discussion of Windows Store App Development, and the new edition also includes information on Windows 8 App Design.
  • Now features full coverage of how to use touch input in Visual Studio.
  • Enhanced video steps include videos for online reinforcement at CengageBrain.com.
  • A new "Consider This" feature provides an opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to the material in each chapter.
  • Expanded discussion of ADO.NET 4.5, ASP.NET 4.5, and .NET Framework 4.5 is available in the first chapter.

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Bundle: Microsoft® Visual Basic 2012 for Windows Applications: Introductory + Programming Logic and Design, Introductory, 8th + Microsoft® Visual Studio Express 2012 - Unlimited

ISBN-10: 1305383362 | ISBN-13: 9781305383364

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  • Microsoft® Visual Studio Express 2012 - Unlimited
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  • Microsoft® Visual Basic 2012 for Windows Applications: Introductory
    List Price = $132.95  | CengageBrain Price = $132.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $100.25
  • Programming Logic and Design, Introductory
    List Price = $150.95  | CengageBrain Price = $150.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $113.25

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Corinne Hoisington

Corinne Hoisington is a professor at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, Virginia. With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Professor Hoisington has been honored with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Computer Programming award. A dynamic speaker, she regularly presents on new technology and education trends to instructors across North America. She is the author of several best-selling Shelly Cashman Series texts on Windows, Visual Basic, and Adobe Dreamweaver, as well as Android app development.