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Ethics at the End of Life, 1st Edition

  • Ralph Baergen Idaho State University
  • ISBN-10: 0534558453  |  ISBN-13: 9780534558451
  • 304 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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This anthology deftly introduces students to the massive medical ethics literature on end-of-life issues, such as refusal of treatment, surrogate decision making, resuscitation policies, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Although end-of-life issues are central, this text could be easily used as the basis for a much broader course in medical ethics. Each section's topic is introduced in an introductory essay that presents the central concepts, concerns, arguments, and positions. The selections that follow include the most influential work in each area, as well as ground-breaking newer essays. Essays have all been chosen for their accessibility to students and are augmented by the inclusion of a glossary of philosophical and medical terms. The discussions in each section are sensitive both to the clinical realities and the philosophical subtleties of each issue.

Table of Contents

1. Ethics At The End Of Life.
Troubling Questions. An Overview of the Issues. Approaches to Addressing Ethical Issues.
2. Refusing Life-Sustaining Treatment.
Introduction. Mark Sullivan and Stuart Youngner: Depression, Competence, and the Right to Refuse Lifesaving Medical Treatment. Mark Yarborough: Continued Treatment of the Fatally Ill for the Benefit of Others. Jacquelyn Slomka: What Do Apple Pie and Motherhood Have to Do with Feeding Tubes and Caring for the Patient?
3. Surrogate Decision Making.
Introduction. John Hardwig: The Problem of Proxies with Interests of Their Own: Toward a Better Theory of Proxy Decisions. David Molloy, Roger Clarnette, E. Ann Braun, Martin Eisemann, and B. Sneiderman: Decision Making in the Incompetent Elderly: The Daughter From California Syndrome. James Lindemann Nelson: Taking Families Seriously.
4. Futility And Fighting Death.
Introduction. Lawrence Schneiderman and Nancy Jecker: Futility in Practice. Nancy Jecker: Medical Futility and Care of Dying Patients. Robert Veatch and Carol Mason Spicer: Futile Care: Physicians Should Not be Allowed to Refuse to Treat.
5. Resuscitating The Dying Patient.
Introduction. Bryan Young: Emergency Department Resuscitation Techniques. Kathy Faber-Langendoen: Resuscitation of Patients with Metastatic Cancer: Is Transient Benefit Still Futile? Rita Layson and Terrance McConnell: Must Consent Always be Obtained for a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order?
6. Assisted Suicide.
Introduction. Timothy Quill: Death and Dignity: A Case of Individualized Decision Making. Nancy Jecker: Giving Death a Hand: When the Dying and the Doctor Stand in a Special Relationship. Yale Kamisar: The Reasons So Many People Support Physician-Assisted Suicide-And Why These Reasons Are Not Convincing.
7. Euthanasia.
Introduction. Whitley Kaufman: The Doctrine of the Double Effect and the Problem of Euthanasia. Ezekiel Emanuel: Euthanasia: Historical, Ethical, and Empiric Perspectives. Daniel Callahan: When Self-Determination Runs Amok. John Lachs: When Abstract Moralizing Runs Amok.
8. Caring For Seriously Ill Newborns.
Introduction. Emily Miraie and Mary Mahowald: Withholding Nutrition from Seriously Ill Newborn Infants: A Parent's Perspective. Charlotte Jones and John M. Freeman. Decision Making in the Nursery: An Ethical Dilemma. Renu Jain and David Thomasma: Discontinuing Life Support in an Infant of a Drug-Addicted Mother: Whose Decision Is It?
9. Death And Managed Care.
Introduction. Steven Miles, Eileen Weber, and Robert Koepp: End-of-Life Treatment in Managed Care: The Potential and the Peril. Daniel Sulmasy: Managed Care and Managed Death. Margaret Battin: Dying in 559 Beds: Efficiency, Best Buys, and the Ethics of Standardization in National Health Care.