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Delmar’s NCLEX-PN® Review Online with CAT Logic Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 111131229X  |  ISBN-13: 9781111312299
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DELMAR'S NCLEX-PN® REVIEW ONLINE WITH CAT LOGIC is an online NCLEX-PN® test preparation and review course that provides nearly 2400 NCLEX-style questions that test all core areas covered on the licensure exam. This unique exam preparation tool can be used either as a self-study program for your students or in an instructor-led environment. It provides your students with content review, practice subject area tests and full-length mock exams that simulate Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT logic) used in the actual NCLEX-PN® examination. Included with adoption is an instructor view that allows you to create and schedule practice tests as well as full mock NCLEX-PN® exams that feature CAT Logic and the ability to track your students' progress using the detailed performance dashboard.

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Features and Benefits

  • Simulates the real-world experience of taking the NCLEX-PN® for students with full mock exams with Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT logic) used in the actual examination.
  • Students can create their own customized practice tests. They choose the subject areas to test on and set the length of time the test will take and whether or not they see immediate feedback after each question.
  • Includes subject area content reviews with full-color illustrations.
  • Rationales for each question are provided along with direct links back to the subject area content review for easy remediation.
  • Additional tools include a calculator, a timer that can be turned on or off to practice time management and option to print.
  • Students have access to a visual dashboard track their progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Instructor View is included upon adoption and allows you to create and schedule subject area tests as well as mock NCLEX-PN® exams with CAT Logic. Track class and individual student performance using the detailed performance dashboard.

Table of Contents

Subject areas:
Psychiatric and Mental Health.
Maternity and Women's Health.

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