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Introduction to Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition

  • Cliff Roberson Washburn University
  • ISBN-10: 1928916155  |  ISBN-13: 9781928916154
  • 600 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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This introductory core text will lead your student to an understanding of the evolution of the criminal justice system through the modern-day workings of police agencies, the court process, and correctional institutions. All elements are thoroughly covered in a straightforward, reader-friendly format. Thought-provoking, practical discussion questions at the end of each chapter enhance comprehension.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of the System.
2. Evolution of the Present System of Justice.
3. Explanation of Contemporary Crime.
4. Scope of the Crime Problem.
5. The Development of the Criminal Justice System.
6. Organization and Operation of Law Enforcement Systems.
7. Critical Issues for Law Enforcement Personnel.
8. Police Operations.
9. Structure and Role of Courts.
10. Roles in the Court System.
11. Pre-trial and Trial Process.
12. Sentencing.
13. Structure and Purpose of the Correctional System.
14. Community Corrections.
15. Juvenile Justice.
16. Criminal Victimology and Victims' Rights.
17. Drug Abuse and the Criminal Justice System.
18. Our Criminal Justice System Today and Tomorrow.

Meet the Author

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Cliff Roberson

Cliff Roberson has published, authored, and co-authored 40 books. His personal experiences include service in the United States Marine Corps (Infantry Officer and judge advocate), membership in Texas and California Bar Associations, admission to practice before U.S. Supreme Court and state courts in California and Texas, chairmanship of numerous panels on criminological theory and criminal law at ACJS.