Higher Education

Bioethics, 1st Edition

  • Brendan Patrick Minogue Youngstown State University
  • ISBN-10: 0534542565  |  ISBN-13: 9780534542566
  • © 1995 | Published
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By working through ethical decisions arrived at by consensus, students will see the shortcomings of simple, case-by-case solutions and will learn to appreciate the role bioethics has in universalizing ethical decisions. This in turn will contribute to their understanding of how ethical theory attempts to make practice as coherent as possible. Students will see that theory is neither a slave nor a master of practice, but a partner.

Table of Contents

1. The Origin of Life and the Value of Life. 2. Facing Nature. 3. Mass Extinction and Human Responsibility. 4. Evolutionary Ethics. 5. The Difference of Being Human. 6. When Natural Selection and Culture Conflict. 7. Biology and Theology on Human Nature. 8. Darwinism and Postmodern Theism. Epilogue. Glossary. Index.