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Basic Telecommunications: The Physical Layer, 1st Edition

  • Gary J. Mullett
  • ISBN-10: 1401843395  |  ISBN-13: 9781401843397
  • 416 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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Part of Delmar Learning's new National Center for Telecommunications Technologies Series, this book introduces wireline, wireless, and fiber optic concepts, focusing on physical layer implementation of system hardware. Industry regulations and background on filters, and test equipment is provided. Readers then launch into study of multiplexing and modulation schemes, with opportunities to compare digital and traditional techniques. Presentation is guided by the needs of technicians tasked with evaluating system operation and reconfiguring programmable hardware. DC/AC theory and digital electronics knowledge is assumed.

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Features and Benefits

  • A systems-oriented approach and use of block diagrams explain concepts in a manner consistent with the trend toward PC-centric testing and measurement
  • Examples, pictures, and screen shots of waveforms and signal spectra data highlight connections between theory and practical systems hardware operations
  • Applications of telecommunications technologies related to system hardware showcase delivery of wide bandwidth, high-speed data capabilities to consumers
  • Summaries of the evolution of individual technologies appear in each chapter, helping readers understand progression of technology
  • Math is limited to algebra, some trigonometric identities, and Bessel functions, making information accessible to electronics technology students
  • A Lab Manual provides readers with experiments that can be performed with readily available lab equipment, enhancing the learning experience

Table of Contents

Introduction to Telecommunications.
A Technical History of Telecommunications.
The Regulatory History of Telecommunications & Telecommunications Standards.
Basic Telecommunications Systems Elements.
Amplitude Modulation.
Frequency Modulation.
Pulse Modulation.
Digital Modulation.
Multiplexing and Access Technologies.
Transmission Media.
Electromagnetic Propagation.
Transmission Lines.

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Author Bio

Gary J. Mullett

Gary Mullett is a long time faculty member at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Massachusetts. For the past decade he has been actively involved in the field of telecommunications as a consultant and Co-Director of the National Science Foundation, Advanced Technology Education, National Center for Telecommunications Technologies located at Springfield Technical Community College. He has been a principle figure in the implementation of the Verizon NextStep Program.