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Elements of Culture: An Applied Perspective, 1st Edition

  • Susan Andreatta University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Gary Ferraro Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • ISBN-10: 1111830002  |  ISBN-13: 9781111830007
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2013 | Published
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Written by the experienced author team of Susan Andreatta and Gary Ferraro, ELEMENTS OF CULTURE: AN APPLIED PERSPECTIVE is a concise new text for the cultural anthropology course. It covers all the major topics in a traditional course in twelve brief chapters that allow readers to access the main concepts quickly. The book’s streamlined content, pedagogy, and real-world applications focus readers on global current events and issues that illustrate the usefulness of anthropology in careers and in solving societal problems. The brief format allows instructors the flexibility to assign additional readings, including ethnographic case studies or selections from CourseReader’s online "Editor’s Choice" list of original applied anthropology articles.

Features and Benefits

  • Emphasis on the Contemporary World: Providing all key material traditionally taught in the introductory course, ELEMENTS OF CULTURE is the only brief book that goes beyond describing cultures to focus on anthropologists at work in the modern world. The book focuses on global current events and issues and illustrates the usefulness of anthropology in careers, through the real world application of the principles and practices of cultural anthropology to societal problems concerning health and nutrition, the environment, water resource management, and other areas.
  • Applied Focus: Chapter 1 begins with a "letter to the student" that lays out the applied theme of the text. Applied anthropology examples and material are integrated into every chapter. In addition, Chapter 3, "Applied Anthropology," offers a full discussion of the differences between academic anthropological practice and research and applied anthropology practice and research.
  • Critical Thinking about Real-World Issues: Chapter-opening vignettes highlight current events or applied projects that demonstrate the usefulness of anthropology in today’s world. "Out in the Real World" case study features showcase applied anthropology projects oriented to career opportunities and cross-cultural sensitivities, e.g., in health care, politics, or advertising. For instance, one segment portrays a student/athletic trainer working in China with the country’s Olympians. Ideal as lecture launchers or for class discussion, the features are accompanied by critical thinking questions.
  • Concise, Flexible Content: The book covers the topics traditionally taught in an introductory cultural anthropology course in just 12 chapters. This brevity gives instructors the flexibility to assign additional material, such as ethnographies from the "From the Field" case study series and selections from the CourseReader "Editor’s Choice" collection of originally written, applied anthropology articles (created and edited by Gary Ferraro).

Table of Contents

1. What Is Anthropology?
2. The Concept of Culture.
3. Applied Anthropology.
4. Anthropological Theory and Methods.
5. Language and Communication.
6. Subsistence Patterns, Environment, and Economics.
7. Kinship, Marriage, and the Family.
8. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality.
9. Political Organization and Social Control.
10. Supernatural Beliefs.
11. Art.
12. The Modern World Order, Global Challenges, and the Role of the Anthropologist.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Susan Andreatta

Susan Andreatta is a past president of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Her theoretical background lies in political economy and political ecology as applied to the environment and health. As an applied anthropologist, Andreatta conducts field research in the areas of tourism, migration, resettlement, health and nutrition, sustainable farming and fishing, and the marketing of fresh local produce and seafood.

Gary Ferraro

Gary Ferraro is an applied anthropologist who conducted research for extended periods of time in Kenya and Swaziland. He has served as a consultant/cross-cultural trainer for large organizations (USAID, the Peace Corps, the World Bank) and large international corporations such as IBM and G.E. Plastics. He currently works with businesses to help them cope with cultural differences at home and abroad.