Firefighters from the Heart: True Stories and Lessons Learned, 1st Edition

  • Steve Chikerotis
  • ISBN-10: 1418014230  |  ISBN-13: 9781418014230
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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Welcome to the world of firefighting - the camaraderie, the challenges, the defeats, and the triumphs. Within these pages walk alongside firefighters and fire officers as they fight fires, face career-altering decisions, and learn critical lessons that forever change their perception on what it means to be a firefighter. Chicago Battalion Chief and 27-year service member Steve Chikerotis shares stories drawn from some of the most respected firefighters in the nation to convey valuable lessons on safety, risk management, education and awareness. Over 45 exciting short stories unfold each heart-pounding incident, promoting the development of crucial life-saving instincts and leadership skills as well as inviting readers to develop a sense of appreciation for the life of a firefighter.

Table of Contents

The Introduction chapter is followed by 45 short stories. Each short story is followed by a page or two of Authors notes/lessons learned. This area highlights the valuable lessons learned at each incident.

A Lot to Learn.
Miracle Rescue: The Victim.
Miracle Rescue: The Rescuer.
Growing with the Changing Times.
Saving Lives.
Saving Lives: The Instructor.
A Touch Decision.
And I Thought Fighting Fires Was Hard Work….
Prepare Your Troops For Battle.
Your Partner Can’t See.
The Forum Restaurant Fire.
To The Rescue.
Good Smoke?
A Close Call.
The Chestnut Street High-Rise Fire.
Sharing Experiences.
A Noble Breed.
A Case of Arson?
Fitting In.
Earning Respect.
The Day That Changed My Life Forever.
Not This Time!
“Bring ‘Em All Home” When Duty Calls.
MayDay! Firefighters Down! Physical Fitness.
Whatever Can Go Wrong.
Communication and Accountability.
Growing Up on the Job.
The Unsung Hero.
Living on the Edge.
Not Always Pretty.
Danger in Disguise.
Losing My Way.
Play Your Gut Feeling.
Becoming a Student of the Game.
Some Valuable Lessons.
He’s Got a Gun! The Pentagon on 9/11.
G.I. Jane.
We Don’t Always Win.
Trapped in a Burning Stairway.
Be Ready When You’re Called On.
A Deadly Department Store Fire.
For Love of My Father.
Final Thoughts.

What's New

  • stories are true depictions of actual events that seek to teach the importance of learning from past and current events to prevent accidents and fatalities in the future
  • each short story is accompanied by a summary of the lessons learned to allow readers to focus on the decisions and attitudes that influence the outcome of an incident - great for promotional lists
  • discussion questions encourage aspiring and experienced firefighters to develop critical problem-solving skills in order to promote safety, professionalism, and leadership on the job
  • photos and diagrams from the actual events accompany the stories, providing a sense of realism as each firefighter tells his or her story
  • a list of "firefighter lingo" and accompanying definitions is provided as a reference to readers who may not be familiar with the fire service but wish to fully appreciate and understand the stories

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Steve Chikerotis

Battalion Chief Steve Chikerotis is a 27 year member of the Chicago Fire Department & Local 2 International Firefighters Union Teacher in Fire Science Program at Harold Washington College. He has been a Fire Service Instructor for 17 years. Mr Chikerotis was a former Chief of Fire Academy Operations and Assistant Director of Training/Chicago Fire Department. He has been a safety Officer and Technical Advisor for several Motion Pictures & Television shows.