Law Dictionary for Nonlawyers, 4th Edition

  • Daniel Oran, J.D.
  • ISBN-10: 0766817431  |  ISBN-13: 9780766817432
  • 345 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1991, 1985, 1975
  • © 2000 | Published
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A highly portable condensed version of Oran's Dictionary of the Law, that contains all the core legal words common to introductory law and paralegal courses. It is also a good self-contained way to learn about key legal concepts, starting with the "Basic 50 Words" list.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Acknowledgments. Reading the Definitions. Pronunciationi. The Basic 50. Dictionary. Appendix A: Where to go for more information. Appendix B: Lawyer Talk.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Daniel Oran, J.D.

Daniel Oran is a graduate of Hamilton College and Yale Law School. He has practiced law in Connecticut and the District of Columbia. In addition, he has been Assistant Director of the National Paralegal Institute, Professor of Law at Antioch Law School, staff counsel to a member of Congress and the House Appropriations Committee, and president of Foresight, Incorporated. He has written an internationally reprinted novel and business text as well as professional and popular articles on paralegal education, psychiatry and law, poverty law, and individual rights.