Wound Healing DVD, 1st Edition

  • Pamela Hill
  • ISBN-10: 1435470079  |  ISBN-13: 9781435470071
  • © 2009 | Published
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In this DVD, students will learn to identify different types of wounds, discover medications which may interfere with healing, and understand the effects of smoking on wound healing. They'll also learn about the various phases of healing: Inflammation, the Proliferative phase, and the Remodeling phase. It explains the causes of specific wounds, healing according to age and health, as well as contraindications to prevent further wounding. Students will see types of scars; from normal to abnormal scarring, and learn about aspects which delay the healing process and means of infections. This program educated the clinician in the ways to identify and avoid scarring during the healing process.

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Pamela Hill

Pamela Hill, RN is Chief Executive Officer and president of Facial Aesthetics, the Pamela Hill Institute, and Pamela Hill Skin Care.