Landscape Estimating and Contract Administration, 1st Edition

  • Stephen Angley
  • Edward Horsey
  • David Roberts
  • ISBN-10: 0766825736  |  ISBN-13: 9780766825734
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2002 | Published
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"Landscape Estimating and Contract Administration" provides descriptions of various stages of a landscape project, from the feasibility study to the expiration of the guarantee period. This comprehensive guide to the landscape business presents an overall view of the process of completing a large landscape project, and helps foster an understanding of how the landscape industry works. Topics include how to create estimates, engaging in the bidding process, how to prepare contracts, how to prepare a budget, and how to utilize financial accounting.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • provides a basic understanding of construction law, helping user avoid legal problems
  • sample contracts assist in the preparation of landscape installation and maintenance contracts
  • contains descriptions of insurance and identifies the most appropriate coverage contractors and their clients need for the job
  • explains the purpose and appropriate use of bonds and identifies how they can be obtained for various projects

Table of Contents

PART 1: Introduction.
Chapter 1. An Overview of the Landscaping Industry.
PART 2: Preparation of Contracts.
Chapter 3: The Bidding Process.
Chapter 4: Standard Forms of Construction Contracts.
Chapter 5: Contracts for Landscape Design and Related Services.
Chapter 6: Landscape Maitenance Contracts.
Chapter 7: Landscape Installation Contracts.
Chapter 8: Specifications.
Chapter 9: Breaches of Contract and Remedies.
PART 3: Estimating and Bidding.
Chapter 10: Overview of the Estimating Process.
Chapter 11: Preliminary Bidding and Estimating Considerations.
Chapter 12: Estimating Labor Costs.
Chapter 13: Estimating Equipment Costs.
Chapter 14: Estimating Materials and Subcontracting Costs.
Chapter 15: Overhead Expenses.
Chapter 16: Recapulation of Costs, Contingencies, and Profit.
PART 4: Job Administration.
Chapter 17: Scheduling.
Chapter 18: Financial and Cost Accounting
Chapter 20: Mechanics' Liens.
Chapter 21: Insurance and Bonding.
Chapter 22: Management of Landscape Contracting Businesses and Preparation of the Business Plan.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Stephen Angley

Stephen Angley has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree, and Master of Science Degree in ornamental Horticulture and has been a landscape contractor for 6 years and an instructor in landscape contracting for 24 years (for the last 20 years at Cal Poly, one of the most prominent landscape contracting schools in the US) and has been an active member of the California Landscape Contractors Association and Associated Landscape Contractor of American (ALCA) for 20 years and is now serving on three ALCA committees.

Edward Horsey

Edward Horsey has a degree in Commerce and in Law and diploma in landscape design, installations and maintenance, has practiced construction law for 35 years, has lectured in landscape estimating and contract administration for 7 years and been a consultant in the horticulture industry for 9 years.

David Roberts

David Roberts has a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree and ahs been a practicing landscape architect for over 25 years with many local, national and international commissions