Sound Advice on Mixing, 1st Edition

  • Bill Gibson
  • ISBN-10: 1931140294  |  ISBN-13: 9781931140294
  • 80 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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If you want your mixes to sound great, even next to your favorite commercial release of your favorite artist, you need this book and CD! You’ll learn mixing techniques and hear audio examples designed to help you create a professional-sounding mix. Avoid the pitfalls of mixing. Build a mix from the ground up, shaping each ingredient with the big picture in mind. Learn how to set up a mix that has power and impact. Once you start following these guidelines and principles you’ll never turn back, and your music will sound better than ever!

Features and Benefits

  • Get Bill Gibson’s practical advice on making great mixes of your music!
  • Includes audio CD demonstrating concepts found throughout the book.

Table of Contents

The Mixdown Process
Mixdown Machine
Reference Tones
Characteristics of a Good Mix
Speaker Position and Choice
Starting the Mix
The Spherical Approach to Panning and Positioning in the Mix
EQ-The Cumulative Effect
The Arrangement
Multiple Mixes
Mixing Theories and Building Concepts
Preparing the Mixed Master for Duplication

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson, President of Northwest Music and Recording, has spent the last 25 years writing, recording, producing and teaching music and has become well-known for his production, performance and teaching skills. As an instructor at Green River College in Auburn, WA, holding various degrees in composition, arranging, education and recording, he developed a practical and accessible teaching style which provided the basis for what was to come--15 books, a DVD, and a VHS video for MixBooks/ArtistPro along with a dozen online courses for members of Bill's writings are acclaimed for their straightforward and understandable explanations of recording concepts and applications.