Sports Law, 1st Edition

  • Adam Epstein Central Michigan University
  • ISBN-10: 0766823245  |  ISBN-13: 9780766823242
  • 336 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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For coaches, students, and administrators, paralegals, as well as those seeking a law degree in this field of study, this book introduces the relationship between law and sports, teaches the fundamentals, provides real-world insights, and explains many recent cases. The book is well-organized and helps readers not only understand the legal issues facing many in the sports industry, but how to seek the best professional advice. With numerous Web sites and other references, readers can conduct further research in a specific areas of interest in this fascinating study of sports law.

Features and Benefits

  • Well-organized, easy-to-read material appeals to a wide audience and to those with or without a law background
  • Helpful Web sites references assist readers in conducting further research
  • Up-to-date information presents readers with a current understanding of sports law
  • Knowledgeable author with experience in the field provides readers with practical examples and insights
  • Recent cases help readers understand the latest judicial analyses in sports law

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sports Agents.
Chapter 2: Sports Contracts.
Chapter 3: Sports Torts.
Chapter 4: Sports Crimes.
Chapter 5: Title IX and other Women’s Issues.
Chapter 6: Disabilities and Sports.
Chapter 7: Drugs and Sports.
Chapter 8: International Sports Issues.
Chapter 9: Antitrust and Labor Issues in Sports.
Chapter 10: Intellectual Property Issues in Sports.
Chapter 11: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Sports.
Chapter 12: Religion and Sports


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Author Bio

Adam Epstein

Adam Epstein earned his B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. from the University of Tennessee. He is a professor in the Finance and Law Department in the College of Business at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Epstein has represented numerous professional and Olympic athletes over the years, including several national champions in swimming and triathlon. He has authored several textbooks and has written dozens of articles on business law and sports law and serves on as a reviewer and on the editorial board of several journals.