Your Cubase Studio, 1st Edition

  • Steve Pacey
  • ISBN-10: 1598634526  |  ISBN-13: 9781598634525
  • 352 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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You’ve recently purchased Cubase. You’re ready to set up your home recording studio and finally produce that album you’ve been talking about. Now what? Your Cubase Studio provides a complete guide to setting up your digital recording studio with Cubase so you can start recording music right away. It starts with a general introduction to Cubase and digital recording, optimizing your computer to get the best sound, purchasing the right equipment that suits your budget, and the basics of acoustics. It then moves on to provide a complete overview of the recording process, whether you’re laying down the perfect vocal, guitar, and bass tracks simultaneously or separately, and how to use MIDI most effectively. You then learn to edit and mix your recording in Cubase. By the end of the book, you’ll be proficient in using Cubase in a practical recording setting and ready to tackle your next recording project. Key Features: Covers home studio setup and Cubase operation—all in one book! Discusses the fundamentals of setting up and recording in a home studio Takes you way beyond the Cubase manual, teaching you how to use Cubase in a practical recording, results-focused setting Covers all iterations of Cubase 4, but is applicable to any version

Features and Benefits

  • Covers two popular topics in one book�home studio setup and Cubase operation
  • Discusses the fundamentals of setting up and recording in a home studio
  • Takes Cubase users beyond the manual, teaching them how to use the software in a practical recording, results-focused setting
  • Helps Cubase users shape their system to best suit their particular recording needs
  • Covers the latest version of Cubase

Table of Contents

Introduction: Making Cubase Work For You
Chapter 1: Setting up Cubase on Your Computer
Chapter 2: Accessorizing Your Cubase Studio
Chapter 3: Before You Record...
Chapter 4: Recording MIDI
Chapter 5: Recording Vocals
Chapter 6: Recording Guitar and Bass
Chapter 7: Recording a Whole Band or Multiple Tracks at Once
Chapter 8: Basic Editing
Chapter 9: Mixing It Down
Epilogue: After the Mix

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Steve Pacey

Steve Pacey has been composing music for television and film professionally since 1994. He has been a Steinberg Cubase user since 1990 and Cubase has been the center of his music production studio for 21 years. He has written MIDI EDITING IN CUBASE, YOUR CUBASE STUDIO, and GOING PRO WITH CUBASE 5.