Wadsworth's Quick Guide to Test Anxiety, 1st Edition

  • Wadsworth
  • ISBN-10: 141302257X  |  ISBN-13: 9781413022575
  • 16 Pages
  • © 2007 | Published
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Are you constantly stressed out about upcoming exams? With WADSWORTH'S QUICK GUIDE TO TEST ANXIETY you will find the perfect blend of information on developing skills to overcome unneeded stress. With this book to guide you, you will be on your way to eliminating anxiety and acing exams!

Table of Contents

1. Test Anxiety is Normal.
2. Determine What You Can Control.
3. Check Your Perspective.
4. Learn What You Can About the Test.
5. Prepare a Schedule.
6. Strategic First Minutes.
7. Strategic First Questions.
8. Keep Good Company.
9. Commit to Complete Honesty.
10. Interventions to Diminish Anxiety.
11. Internet Sources.
12. Research Sources.