Developing as a Professional: A Guide for Contemporary Paraprofessionals, 1st Edition

  • Mary D. Burbank
  • ISBN-10: 1418061506  |  ISBN-13: 9781418061500
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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Developing as a Professional: A Guide for Contemporary Paraprofessionals provides a general orientation to the role of paraprofessional or teacher s aid. This book provides strategies for working with students receiving special education services, and communication and mentoring suggestions for those working directly with paraprofessionals. The book addresses the specific needs of paraprofessionals working in classrooms with English language learners, and each chapter includes a segment of Spanish translations for native Spanish speakers. The real world voices of two paraprofessionals, Tracy and Maria, provide paraprofessionals with perspectives much like their own. Current issues in education, policy, and practice are discussed through the stories of these individuals, and their journey invites readers into the education profession using an approachable, realistic format. A key component of each chapter includes assignment linkages to the PRAXIS standards with a section highlighting artifacts paraprofessionals might generate for their portfolios. The book also provides preview questions and vocabulary checklists as well as worksheets and activity ideas. Now more than ever, those employing paraprofessionals are in need of professional development resources that are current and reflect the changing work responsibilities of paraprofessionals and the communities in which they work. Developing as a Professional: A Guide for Contemporary Paraprofessionals is designed to meet the needs of those working as paraprofessionals as well as those employing and mentoring them.

Features and Benefits

  • Text includes Spanish translations � paraprofessionals in many communities are native Spanish speakers
  • The rolling case study: Stories from �Maria and Tracy� will provide readers with real life examples for learning more about the education professions
  • The portfolio component of the text assists in the professional development of paraprofessionals as well as in meeting the NCLB standards for highly qualified paraprofessionals
  • Text provides preview questions/vocabulary checklists
  • Includes applied worksheets and activity ideas for interacting with mentor teachers, parents, and students

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to the Teaching Profession
Chapter 1: Understanding Public Schools
Chapter 2: Current Policy and Practices Related to No Child Left Behind and Paraprofessionals
Chapter 3: Issues in Classroom Management
Chapter 4: Students and Their Educational Needs
Chapter 5: The Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Those Working in Schools
Chapter 6: How to Effectively Communicate as a Part of a Team - Including Writing Professionally
Chapter 7: Effective Instructional Strategies for Working with Students
Chapter 8: Professional Development Opportunities and Building your Portfolio

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Mary D. Burbank

Mary D. Burbank is a Clinical Instructor and Director of Program Evaluation at The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a member of the American Educational Research Association and received the 2006 University of Utah Faculty Community Service Award.