Game Coding Complete, 3rd Edition



Welcome to "Game Coding Complete, Third Edition," the newest edition of the essential, hands-on guide to developing commercial-quality games. Written by a veteran game programmer, the book examines the entire game development process and all the unique challenges associated with creating a game. An excellent introduction to game architecture, you'll explore all the major subsystems of modern game engines and learn professional techniques used in actual games. This third edition features expanded content and coverage of the latest and most exciting new game programming techniques including AI, multiprogramming, working with scripting languages such as Lua, and writing C# tools like your level editor. All the code and examples presented have been tested and used in commercial video games, and the book is full of invaluable best practices, professional tips and tricks, and cautionary advice.

Features and Benefits

  • Written in an appealing, conversation style that made the first two edition bestsellers.
  • All code and examples presented have been tested and used in actual commercial video games.
  • Examines all aspects of game architecture including AI, graphics, and animation, at a high level, instead of focusing only on one subsystem.

Table of Contents

1: The Unique World of Game Programming.
2: What’s in a Game?
3: Coding Tidbits and Style That Saved My Butt.
4: Building Your Game.
5: Game Initialization.
6: Controlling the Main Loop.
7: Loading and Caching Game Data.
8: Programming Input Devices.
9: User Interface Programming.
10: LUA Scripting.
11: Game Events and Scripting Languages.
12: Game Audio.
13: 3D Basics.
14: 3D Scenes.
15: Collision and Simple Physics.
16: Network Programming for Multiplayer Games.
17: Simple AI.
18: Debugging Your Game.
19: A Game of Teapot Wars!.
20: Writing a Simple Game Editor in C#.
21: Driving to the Finish.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Mike McShaffry

Mike McShaffry, aka "Mr. Mike," began programming games as soon as he could tap a keyboard. After graduating from the University of Houston, he worked for Warren Spector and Richard Garriott, aka "Lord British," at Origin Systems on the Ultima series, including Ultima Online. Since then he's worked on more than a dozen shipped games, including Magnadoodle (PC); a series of card and casino games for Microsoft; Thief: Deadly Shadows (Xbox/PC); 24 Blue for U.S. Navy; Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (Wii); Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii/PS2); Cook or Be Cooked (Wii); Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii); Thor: God of Thunder (Wii/3DS); and Inertia: Escape Velocity (iOS/Android). Mike is currently Director of Product Development for Red Fly Studio in Austin, Texas.