Financial Analysis and Coaching Tools for the Salon and Spa (Online Version), 1st Edition

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Milady's Financial Analysis and Coaching Tools provides some of the most powerful business tools an industry professional can own via Excel ® spreadsheets. Our team of experts has worked diligently to provide the user with easy, step-by-step audio tutorials and spreadsheets designed specifically to help set-up and manage a business more effectively and stay profitable all year long. An accompanying workbook is included and provides suggestions and directions to implement these practical spreadsheets. As an added bonus, a 'QuickBooks ® Chart of Accounts' template is included that is an easy reference when setting up or altering a current chart of accounts. This product gives the user instant access to Financial Analysis and Coaching Tools for 180 Days.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides 9 easy-to-use spreadsheets with step-by-step audio tutorials.
  • Includes Microsoft Excel ® basics tutorial (for 2003 and 2007 editions).
  • QuickBooks ® Chart of Accounts in printable PDF template provided.

Table of Contents

1. Pricing Services for Profit Spreadsheet.
2. Salon/Spa Productivity Potential Spreadsheet.
3. Average Ticket Spreadsheet.
4. Station Profit Spreadsheet.
5. Profit Potential Spreadsheet.
6. Inventory Analysis Spreadsheet.
7. Gross Profit Percentage Spreadsheet.
8. Weekly-Monthly Spreadsheet.
9. Technician Income Potential Spreadsheet.

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Milady is the leading provider of comprehensive cosmetology educational and professional solutions for over 80 years.