Making the Most of Your Internship, 1st Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Ken Kaser Clements High School, Sugarland TX
  • John Brooks Houston Baptist University
  • Kellye Brooks Houston Baptist University, Houston TX
  • ISBN-10: 0538444320  |  ISBN-13: 9780538444323
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2007 | Published
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Learn how to achieve peak success in your internship before you ever get there! MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR INTERNSHIP gives you a strategic-planning overview of the entire internship process and sets you up to get ahead. By using real world learning activities and creative Web tools, you'll start to learn more about which career you want to pursue and which internships are the best for you. Plus you'll have the opportunity to practice writing, speaking, and proposing solutions to challenges in the workplace.

Features and Benefits

  • The FREE CD packaged with every text is a convenient resource for learners to access all the important forms and documents they will need for their internship. The disk contains: internship forms, learning contracts, model letters to prospective internship sponsors, model application letters, journal forms, and a resume generator.
  • Review questions are integrated throughout the text to provide continuous reinforcement as well as strong review and assessment.
  • Inside Successful Internships are introductory case vignettes that begin each chapter. The cases profile students and employers who have benefited from the internship experience. This section includes interviews that highlight career successes and failures, ethical issues, and advice from managers.
  • It's All About Ethics are learning activities important for today's working world are provided as students are faced with legal and ethical issues interns may encounter on the job. Two Think Critically questions provide additional learning opportunities.
  • Virtual Internships focus on the impact of technology on career development and the internship experience.
  • You Have a Deadline gives students tasks that will require them to react to pressure, prioritize, and accomplish goals under a deadline. Activities will reinforce math, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Internship: The Real World directs students to the Making the Most of Your Internship CD for more activities.
  • Your Career Portfolio is a longer, cumulative internship project. It consists of an introductory paragraph, directions, and approximately three activities that will help students compile a career portfolio by the end of the book.

Table of Contents

1. The Value of an Internship.
Benefits of Internships. Beyond Classroom Instruction. Developing Career Networks.
Chapter Assessment.
2. How to Choose an Internship Sponsor.
Researching Internships. The Sponsor Selection Process. Self-Designed Internships.
Chapter Assessment.
3. Branding Yourself.
First Impressions Count. Packaging Yourself. Using Goals to Achieve Success.
Chapter Assessment.
4. Getting the Interview.
Dressing for Success. Cover Letters and Resumes That Sell. Successful Interviews.
Chapter Assessment.
5. Making the Right Internship Decision.
Linking the Research and Interview Processes. Analyzing Organizational Culture. Choosing Your Internship.
Chapter Assessment.
6. On-The-Job-Learning Experiences.
Implementing the Learning Contract. Acting Ethically in the Workplace. Handling and Avoiding Difficulties.
Chapter Assessment.
7. Adding Value to Your Workplace.
The Value Delivery Process. Linking Values to Internship Strategies. Creating a Daily Internship Journal.
Chapter Assessment.
8. Developing Group and Team Skills.
Understanding Group Behavior. Teamwork. Bringing Value to Teams.
Chapter Assessment.
9. Job Performance.
Motivation and Goal Setting. The Performance Evaluation Review Process. Bringing Change to the Workplace.
Chapter Assessment.
10. Advancing Career Skills Through Your Internship.
Improving Communication Skills. Building Leadership Skills. Completing Your Internship -- Your Exit Strategy.
Chapter Assessment.


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Instructor Supplements

Annotated Instructor's Edition (with CD-ROM)  (ISBN-10: 0538444339 | ISBN-13: 9780538444330)

The Annotated Instructor's Edition previews the features that save you time and help students learn, and demonstrates how to integrate our powerful supplements into your curriculum. The answers to the questions from the text appear on an overprint of the student edition.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ken Kaser

Ken Kaser taught business and marketing courses in Nebraska and Texas high schools for 30 years. He currently serves as the Director for the Event Management and Sales Certificate program at Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston. Ken has authored or co-authored seven books; written national, state, and local curriculum; served in many professional leadership roles; and earned numerous teaching awards at the national, state, and regional levels.

John Brooks

John R. "Rusty" Brooks, Jr. is Professor of Marketing and Area Coordinator for the Department of Marketing at Houston Baptist University. He holds the Prince-Chavanne Professorship in Christian Business Ethics. He holds four outstanding teaching awards and is a professional consultant who has served in numerous professional association capacities. Dr. Brooks is an active spokesperson for the DECA program in the Houston area high schools.

Kellye Brooks

Kellye Brooks is Internship Director, College of Business and Economics, at Houston Baptist University. Her teacher focus is on assisting students with professional career development issues such as career selection and interviewing skills. Ms. Brooks serves as the vice-chair of the Endowed Academic Scholarship Committee, and is a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, the Graduate Council Committee, the Internal Communications Committee, and the University website Committee.