Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Business Plan, 8th Edition

  • J.D. Ryan Irvine Valley College
  • Gail Hiduke Saddleback College
  • ISBN-10: 0324591020  |  ISBN-13: 9780324591026
  • 504 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2006, 2003, 1999
  • © 2009 | Published
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Begin your small business success today as you transform your business idea into a powerful, functional business plan with Ryan/Hiduke's SMALL BUSINESS: AN ENTREPRENEUR'S BUSINESS PLAN, 8E. This indispensable guide to small business takes a practical action-step approach to help you sharpen your business talents and focus your business ownership dreams. You learn to identify business opportunities, market needs, and target customers as you develop an actual working business plan from the ground up. Timely business tools and ongoing links to the latest small business information available on the Internet keep the information you're using focused on the future. Throughout the book, you gain firsthand glimpses into the challenges and successes that other passionate entrepreneurs face. Whether you plan to build your own business, pursue a franchise, or purchase an existing business, in SMALL BUSINESS: AN ENTREPRENEUR'S BUSINESS PLAN, 8E, you'll find the timely advice, powerful skills, and effective plans you need for success.

Features and Benefits

  • ACTION STEPS GUIDE STUDENTS THROUGH EVERY PHASE OF A START-UP: More than 70 Action Steps direct readers through every phase of a start-up, from the initial dreams to development of marketing to the building and implementation of the completed business plan.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL VIGNETTES PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO BUSINESS-FOCUSED MINDS: Brief case studies full of strategies and real-world applications provide firsthand insights into today's entrepreneurial minds and ventures. Modified for simplicity and clarity, these intriguing Entrepreneurial Vignettes reflect compiled case studies and experiences from entrepreneurs the authors have known.
  • FEATURED BUSINESS PLANS HIGHLIGHT VARIED APPROACHES: Concepts become actions in practice with the examples of full business plans featured in this edition. Appendix A, "Fast-Start Business Plan" is ideal for a small business requiring minimal capital. Appendix B provides a more in-depth business plan proposal for a chocolate store located at Sea World.
  • COMMUNITY RESOURCES PROVIDE SUPPORT: To counter the isolation and concern that can accompany entrepreneurial life, this book encourages future entrepreneurs to gain support, guidance, and direction through community resources, including entrepreneurial organizations, entrepreneurial podcasts, and other professional associations. The book clearly demonstrates the value of networking with individuals pursuing similar dreams.
  • NEW EXAMPLES CAPTURE THE PASSION OF TODAY'S ENTREPRENUERS: Each chapter highlights an entrepreneur who exhibits a remarkable passion for his or her products, locations, or markets. These vignettes--almost half of which are new to this edition--focus on entrepreneurs such as a woman who developed sun-protective clothing after being diagnosed with melanoma and a synthetic biologist who is pursuing a mission to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Table of Contents

1. Your Great Adventure.
2. Spotting Trends and Opportunities.
3. Opportunity Selection.
4. Profiling Your Target Customer.
5. Reading and Beating the Competition.
6. Marketing Promotions Overview.
7. Location, Location, Location.
8. Start-Up Concerns and Financial Projections.
9. Shaking the Money Tree.
10. Legal Issues.
11. Build, Maintain, and Thrive with a Winning Team.
12. Protecting Your "Baby" and Yourself.
13. Buying a Business.
14. Investigating Franchises and Franchising.
15. Pull Your Plan Together.
Appendix A: Fast-Start Business Plan.
Appendix B: Annie's Business Plan Proposal.
Appendix C: Forms, Forms, Forms.

What's New

  • NEW EMPHASIS ON SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP REFLECTS TODAY'S TIMES: To better reflect the contemporary changes and focus in society today, this edition highlights individual social entrepreneurs such as Jock Brandis, who developed a peanut shelling machine, as well as influential groups such as Scientists Without Borders.
  • MOST RECENT WEB LINKS AND BUSINESS RESOURCES ADDRESS HOT TOPICS: New resource tools and updated website references throughout this edition and the companion website ( provide invaluable information and demonstrate how to apply that information now and in the future. Students explore hot topics such as water shortages, rising prices of natural resources, and artificial body parts.
  • EXPANDED COVERAGE OF DISTRIBUTION OFFERS IN-DEPTH INSIGHTS: A new section and additional coverage on distribution in Chapter 7, "Location, Location, Location," provides in-depth information to better prepare students for the challenges and decisions they will face as entrepreneurs. Information on using Claritas data for product positioning and locations decisions allows students to develop effective competitive plans and strategies.
  • INTERNET INTEGRATES DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL AND MARKETING TOOL: This edition clearly demonstrates the Web's impact on all entrepreneurial decisions today and the way the Web has melded promotion, distribution, and locations decisions. Students learn to maximize today's indispensable Internet technology as they learn search engine optimization as well as effective marketing of their business on the Web.
  • MOST UP-TO-DATE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFORMATION PROTECTS INNOVATIONS: You can equip students to understand what the latest developments are in the field today and how to best protect their innovations with this edition's clear, contemporary coverage of today's copyrights, patterns, and trademarks.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

J.D. Ryan

Joseph Ryan, Professor Emeritus at Irvine Valley College, has more than 20 years of corporate experience in marketing with large organizations. He has taught real estate, business, and small business management for more than 25 years. Today he remains active in the field as a recognized real estate investor and successful entrepreneur, bringing this wealth of experience to the latest edition of this practical, powerful text.

Gail Hiduke

Gail Hiduke, a professor at Saddleback College, has taught for more than 20 years at a variety of two-year and four-year institutions. Professor Hiduke earned her MBA and BS, both with a minor in marketing, from Purdue University. Well recognized for her experience in corporate and government consulting, marketing, and training, Professor Hiduke brings an abundance of personal entrepreneurial experience to her teaching and writings, including this insightful text.