Basic Keyboarding for the Medical Office Assistant, 3rd Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Edna Jean Moss Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, California
  • ISBN-10: 1401811892  |  ISBN-13: 9781401811891
  • 336 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1999, 1995
  • © 2004 | Published
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This is a basic keyboarding book for medical assistants, medical secretaries and transcriptionists that include medical terminology case histories, technical information, and medical timed writings that is needed for any medical facility and all personnel. New material includes in depth exercises for punctuation, grammar, and additional medical reports. The medical documents illustrate how to develop reports for the medical facility that includes consultation reports, pathology reports, history and physical reports, operative reports, and also how to format each document. Basic Keyboarding for the Medical Office Assistant includes a free CD-ROM that contains medical dictation that users can practice transcribing. The answers to the exercises are all within Unit 12 of the text, which allows for users to check their work.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • A FREE Audio CD containing recorded versions of many of the medical reports that appear in Unit 12 of the text, encourages students to employ transcription once they gain confidence in their keyboarding skills
  • Additional timed writings are easily customizable to fit the needs of any user and help improve keyboarding speed and accuracy
  • The "Marketing Your Skills" unit covers the ins-and-outs of applying for a job in the medical office and creating a resume that really works!

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Beginning Keyboarding.
Unit 2: Alphabetic Concentration Sentences and the Tab Keys.
Unit 3: Skill Building Paragraphs-Timed Writings.
Unit 4: Double Letters, Speed Builders, and Timed Writing.
Unit 5: All-Purpose Drills and Timed Writings.
Unit 6: Numbers and Top Row Keys.
Unit 7: Mechanics I.
Unit 8: Mechanics II.
Unit 9: Mechanics III-Capitalization.
Unit 10: Formats I.
Unit 11: Formats II.
Unit 12: Medical Reports.
Unit 13: Marketing Your Skills.

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Bundle: Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical Competencies, 7th + Workbook + Using the Electronic Health Record in the Health Care Provider Practice, 2nd + CourseMate, 2 term (12 months) Printed Access Card + Basic Keyboarding for the Medical Office Assistant, 3rd + Medical Office Simulation Software 2.0

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Bundle: Basic Keyboarding for the Medical Office Assistant, 3rd + Keyboarding and Word Processing Essentials Lessons 1-55: Microsoft® Word 2016, 20th + Keyboarding in SAM 365 & 2016 with MindTap Reader, 55 Lessons, 1 term (6 months), Printed Access Card

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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 1401811906 | ISBN-13: 9781401811907)

Includes additional exercises for students, multiple choice tests for units 11, 12, and 13 as well as their answers, sample letter formats, answers to review questions, punctuation review, timed writings progress record, frequently prescribed brand name drugs with their generic names and usage, home row finger placement, selected symbols, words that have similar sounds and a reference guide.

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Transcription CD  (ISBN-10: 1111538697 | ISBN-13: 9781111538699)

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Edna Jean Moss

Edna Jean Moss, BA, Instructor at Grossmont Health Occupations Center in Santee, California. Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, California, (instructor). She is a member of American Association of Medical Assistants, American Association for Medical Transcription, American Health Information Management Association and California Association for Medical Instructors.