Labor and Employment Law, 1st Edition

  • Victoria Ullmann
  • ISBN-10: 0766835863  |  ISBN-13: 9780766835863
  • 504 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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Those who will find great value in Employment Law range from paralegals and business students to employers and human resources professionals. The book does an exceptional job of presenting a general overview of the myriad areas of employment law that would likely be encountered in the workplace. By including statutes, historical references and online resources, the book is designed to cover a complex area of law in a very user-friendly format. It introduces such important areas of law as workers’ compensation, workplace torts, discrimination, wage and hour issues, OSHA and other federal employment laws. Charts and graphs are used in a such a way that readers will fully comprehend and retain the wealth of information in Employment Law.

Features and Benefits

  • important statutes within the text are readily available to the student
  • historical material puts the legal issues in perspective
  • charts and graphs further illustrate the topics discussed
  • references to On-line support make it convenient to obtain ancillary materials
  • each chapter includes review questions to assist in study of the material
  • detailed analysis of statutory language aids in comprehension of the variety of federal laws involved
  • Edited case law is provided to highlight the important Supreme Court cases interpreting these laws
  • detailed analysis of statutory language aids in comprehension of the variety of federal laws involved

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basics.
Chapter 2: The Employment Relationship.
Chapter 3: Employment at Will and its Exceptions.
Chapter 4: Workplace Torts and Other Remedies.
Chapter 5: Workers’ Compensation—System Basics.
Chapter 6: Compensation.
Chapter 7: Hearings and Appeal Process.
Chapter 8: Fair Labor Standards Act.
Chapter 9: Unemployment Compensation.
Chapter 10: Collective Bargaining.
Chapter 11: Discrimination—The Statutes.
Chapter 12: The Analytical Framework.
Chapter 13: Enforcement Proceedings.
Chapter 14: Civil Service and Civil Rights in the Public Sector.
Chapter 15: OSHA and Misc.
Federal Statutes.


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Instructor Supplements

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Practical Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals is an excellent tool for learning the fundamentals of bankruptcy for paralegals. More than simply a textbook, each topic is fully developed to the extent necessary for effective use by a beginning legal assistant, yet discussions are of sufficient sophistication to keep the attention of the experienced professional. The text follows a five-level approach to teaching bankruptcy law. It moves from an overview of the substantive law of bankruptcy to insights into the law and written and unwritten rules of procedure that guide and often control how the law is implemented. The material skillfully guides the student through the procedural labyrinth of bankruptcy practice with timelines, checklists and analysis aids then presents exercises for hands-on experience in performing bankruptcy tasks that are common in actual practice. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions and answers and drafting projects intended for the student to research and answer. The text also includes the Bankruptcy Code and Rules, as well as references to relevant software and Web sites, making it a continuing resource for the assistant once in a professional setting.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Victoria Ullmann

Attorney at law; B.A. Ohio Universtiy; J.D. Case Western; admitted to Ohio Bar and U.S. District Court Bar, and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Bar; formerly a hearing officer for the Ohio state office of EEOC and a predisciplinary hearing officer for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services.