Techniques in Airway Management: Basic & Advanced Techniques, 1st Edition

  • University Medical Services
  • ISBN-10: 1428360891  |  ISBN-13: 9781428360891
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A unique DVD program, Techniques in Airway Management offers step-by-step processes for both basic and advanced airway management. Comprising of three DVDs based on basic and advanced life support techniques, this scenario-based training offers learners a realistic, inside look at airway emergencies and critical procedures for effective response. Providing interviews with actual experts in the field, each DVD introduces learners to basic skills then progresses on to demonstrate more advanced techniques for patient rescue and intubation. A look at current technology and techniques provides learners with the latest information from the field. This comprehensives coverage ensures that the DVD series is effective as either a primary teaching tool or as a supplement to classroom instruction.

Features and Benefits

  • Stay current in your field with information based on the proposed 2008 Educational Standards as well as coverage of new equipment and techniques
  • Provides a realistic view of emergency response with guidance from practicing professionals at the University Emergency Medical Services (UEMS)
  • Enables you to review specific sections prior to quizzes and exams with interactive DVD menus
  • Offers instructors a full training package by including scripts and review questions based on specific scenarios

Table of Contents

DVD 1: Basic Airway Management
Oxygen Administration
Head Positioning & Airway Adjuncts
Mouth to Mask
Bag Valve Mask
DVD 2: Advanced Airway Management: Rescue Airways
Larygeal Mask Airway
Elastic Gum Bougie
King LTS-D Airway
Surgical Cricothyrotomy
Needle Cricothyrotomy
Percutaneous Criocothyrotomy
DVD 3: Advanced Airway Management: Intubation Techniques
Oral Endotracheal Intubation
Nasotracheal Intubation
Digital Intubation
Managing the Difficult Airway
Cervical Spine Considerations
Rapid Sequence Intubation