Competencies and Strategies for Speech-Language Pathologist Assistants, 1st Edition

  • Susan Moore Victoria University of Technology
  • Lynea Pearson
  • ISBN-10: 0769302483  |  ISBN-13: 9780769302485
  • 580 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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Competencies and Strategies for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants is an introductory text that provides a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities, as well as the day to day expectations, of Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs). It augments the coverage of traditional SLPA topics with chapters on “Professionalism and Ethical Issues,” “Health and Safety,” and “Observation”, thus providing the user with concrete skills that are applicable in all treatment settings. The text acknowledges the ASHA approved criteria for SLPAs, and in addition offers alternative models based on individual state licensure requirements. The text approaches the SLPA degree with the understanding that it may be the starting point to a professional support personnel career, or it may be a ladder to a Speech Language Pathology undergraduate or graduate degree. The content reflects the varied possibilities the SLPA degree can hold for different individuals, in varied treatment settings, across the United States, and encourages users to explore these possibilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Discussion questions and suggested activities accompany each chapter, along with numerous case studies and �real-life� experiences that make the content more accessible and meaningful to users
  • A focus on multiculturalism provides the user with tools and skills to work successfully with individuals with communication challenges and their families from many backgrounds, cultures, and experiences
  • Provides information on different state regulations and requirements for Speech Language Pathology Assistants, making it a comprehensive text for Speech Language Pathology Assistants across the United States
  • Includes career-development and self-assessment tools to be used by the Speech Language Pathology Assistant to ensure continued on-the-job growth and development

Table of Contents

About the authors.
To the Reader: Letter from an SLPA.
Chapter 1: Past, Present and Future of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.
Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and the Speech Language Pathologist Supervisor/Mentor.
Chapter 3: Working With Your Speech-Language Pathology Supervisor/Mentor.
Chapter 4: Communicating with Families and Children.
Chapter 5: Working with Personnel in Your Setting.
Chapter 6: Working With Diverse Populations.
Chapter 7: Professionalism and Ethical Issues.
Chapter 8: Legislation.
Chapter 9: Health and Safety.
Chapter 10: Observation.
Chapter 11: Documentation and Record Keeping.
Chapter 12: Screening and Assessment.
Chapter 13: Intervention.
Appendix A: Background Information and Criteria.
Appendix B: Knowledge and Skills for Supervisors.
Appendix C: ASHA Code of Ethics.
Appendix D: Protection of Rights.
Appendix E: Sample Individualized Education Program.
Appendix F: Sample Individualized Family Service Plan.
Appendix G: Educational Rights of Parents.
Appendix H: Child and Elder Abuse.