Trees for Urban and Suburban Landscapes, 1st Edition

  • Dr. Edward F. Gilman University of Florida
  • ISBN-10: 0827370539  |  ISBN-13: 9780827370531
  • 688 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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Presenting the only all-in-one tree guide available anywhere! With discussion of tree management and complete details on over 1,000 species, this book helps professionals select the right tree for the right situation. Includes over 500 color photos. An easy-to-use reference for bid specifications and tree lists.

Features and Benefits

  • covers all of continental North America, giving critical information for a wide range of climates
  • detailed artwork and photography clarify the most recent techniques involved in site modification, planting, and establishment
  • illustrations compare outcomes of pruning, irrigation, and planting strategies at a glance
  • more than 20 cross-referenced appendices help users match the right tree to the right site

Table of Contents

Introduction , Selecting the Right Tree for the Right Place, Special Planting Situations, Selecting Trees from the Nursery, Planting Techniques, Establishing Trees, Root Form, Depth, Spread and Season of Growth, Root Response to Nursery Production Practices, Culture and Planting, Fertilizing Trees, Trees Section, Appendices.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Dr. Edward F. Gilman

Dr. Gilman received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1980 in forest plant pathology and is a professor in the Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He has assembled a unique urban tree teaching program for helping municipalities, contractors, arborists, educators, growers, landscapers, and others design and implement programs for promoting better tree health in cities. He conducts educational programs in tree selection, nursery production, and urban tree management nation-wide for a large variety of audiences. Dr. Gilman is a Florida chapter ISA past-president. He has published more than 96 scientific peer reviewed journal articles in his 30 years in academia and industry and has won numerous awards. His research emphasizes tree pruning, nursery production, anchorage, and tree establishment. He has published more than 150 technical articles in newsletters and trade magazines and annually presents research results to colleagues at professional meetings across the US and throughout the world. He is the author of six books and maintains an extensive web site on urban trees, enjoying life in Gainesville Florida where he and his wife Betsy raised their two daughters, Samantha and Megan.