The Practice Environment of Nursing, 1st Edition

  • Karin A. Polifko-Harris
  • ISBN-10: 1428317929  |  ISBN-13: 9781428317925
  • 528 Pages
  • © 2010 | Published
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THE PRACTICE ENVIRONMENT OF NURSING: ISSUES AND TRENDS takes a clear and frank health policy approach as it offers relevant concept discussions for the future RN to apply in a professional role. With the contributions from expert clinicians, administrators and educators in their respective fields, this book covers everything that is needed for the successful transition from student to registered nurse. But these discussions go beyond the clinical experience, encouraging exploration of the larger social context that forms, molds, and impacts nursing practice. Innovative, current chapters include Health Disparities, Insurance, and Health Policy, as well as vital information on taking the NCLEX Exam, workplace safety and much more.

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Features and Benefits

  • Each chapter opens with a list of objectives.
  • Internet exercises in each chapter engage readers in active learning and critical thinking while stretching their skills online.
  • Innovative writing exercises in each chapter build upon information covered by providing written activities requiring thoughtful analysis and critical thinking.
  • Web links throughout each chapter involve students in active learning.
  • A challenging case study at the end of the chapter applies the chapter content and sets the stage for engaging class discussion.

Table of Contents

1. The current state of the nursing discipline.
2. Evolution of the medical and allied health professions.
3. Progression of the nursing field: Past and present.
4. Nursing workforce issues.
5. Where are all the nursing faculty?
6. The newest nursing specialties.
7. Policy: Assessment, development, analysis and evaluation.
8. Health policy.
9. The political influence on the nursing profession.
10. The financial health care environment.
11. Insurance – and its effects on health care in the U.S.
12. Cost, access and quality: Critical health care issues.
13. Information and life long learning.
14. Evidence-based practice.
15. Trends in workplace safety.
16. The successful mentor / mentee relationship.
17. The nursing role in the next decade.
18. Test taking strategies, including NCLEX, GRE & certification exams.
19. Transitioning from student to professional nurse.
20. Achieving life-work balance.
21. Health literacy.
22. Advocacy in the public arena.
23. The practice environment: Anticipating the future.


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Online Companion  (ISBN-10: 1428317945 | ISBN-13: 9781428317949)

Free Online Companion offers Links to websites in the book, student directed Learning Activities for students, Additional case studies, and additional online resources (as applicable).

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Karin A. Polifko-Harris

Dr. Karin Polifko's career has spanned both the academic and service fields of health care. Currently, Dr. Polifko is the Vice President, Operations and Academic Affairs, where she is responsible for development of the Remington College of Nursing, and other nursing programs within the Remington Colleges system. Along with teaching experience at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, she has held positions as Consulting Dean, South College, Tennessee, as Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Florida and as Chair and Graduate Director at Christopher Newport University, Virginia. Dr. Polifko has extensive administrative experience in a variety of health care settings, in the roles of Vice President of System Development and Research, Administrative Director and Director of Nursing. Past consulting projects include program development, organizational change assessment and evaluation, outcomes systems management, and leadership assessment. Her first textbook, Case Applications in Nursing Leadership and Management was published in 2004, and a second, Concepts of the Nursing Profession, was published in 2007. Dr. Polifko received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, her Doctorate in Public Administration and a certificate in Advanced Policy Analysis from Old Dominion University.