Today's Technician: Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles, 5th Edition

  • includes Classroom Manual and Shop Manual
  • Jack Erjavec Columbus State Community College (Emeritus)
  • ISBN-10: 1435481054  |  ISBN-13: 9781435481053
  • 448 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007, 2003, 1999
  • © 2011 | Published
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TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS AND TRANSAXLES, 5E is a Classroom Manual and Shop Manual set that has been completely updated to help readers keep pace with industry trends and the needs of automotive education programs across the country. This book's technician-oriented focus will help readers master all of the design, construction, troubleshooting techniques, and service procedures required for them to enter the workplace. The Classroom Manual begins with an introduction to drive train basics and the Shop Manual begins with an introduction to safety. This is followed by a review of directly relevant electricity/electronics principles, plus more opportunities for readers to gain practice in using scanners and oscilloscopes to develop critical thinking skills, diagnose problems, and make effective repairs. TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS AND TRANSAXLES, 5E also includes an introduction to continuously variable transmissions (CVT), up-to-the-minute coverage of drivelines for front-wheel drive (FWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, as well as the latest information on today's high-tech electronic controls and automatic shifting devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes new topics on hybrid vehicle transmission designs, the Lepelletier gear setup, power split units, and various continuously variable transmission (CVT) designs and all new content on electronic control systems.
  • Contains superior topic coverage that provides your students with the most complete and up-to-date information on automatic transmission theory, diagnosis, and repair available in a single source.
  • Contains improved illustrations and step-by-step photo sequences that include all major automatic transmission repair procedures and promote professional work practices.
  • Focuses attention on the performance of common service procedures through the use of Job Sheets in the Shop Manual.
  • Includes a comprehensive Spanish/English glossary, plus the addition of J11930 terminology to help your student master terms, as well as an ASE practice exam.

Table of Contents

Classroom Manual.
1.Drive Train Basics.
Objectives. Introduction. Engine. Transmissions. Drive Line. Types Of Gears. Bearings. General Maintenance. Automatic Transmission Fluid. Summary. Terms To Know. Review Questions.
2. Drive Train Theory.
Objectives. Introduction. Matter. Energy. Force. Motion. Work. Liquids. Heat. Electricity And Electromagnetism. Terms To Know. Summary. Review Questions.
3. General Theories Of Operation.
Introduction. Basic Operation. Planetary Gearing. Transmission Controls. Laws of Hydraulics. Application of Hydraulics in Transmissions. Pressure Boosts. Transmission/ Transaxle Housings. Mounts. Summary. Review Questions.
4. Electronic Controls.
Introduction. Basic Electricity. Basics Of Electronic Controls. Electronically Controlled Transmissions. Summary. Review Questions.
5. Transmission Designs.
Introduction. Transmission Versus Transaxle. Basic Designs
Mounts. Housings .Internal Components. Final Drives. Gaskets And Seals. Summary.
Review Questions.
6. Torque Converters And Oil Pumps.
Introduction. Torque Converters. Torque Converter Operation. Direct Drive. Converter Control Circuits. Pumps. Summary. Review Questions.
7. Hydraulic Circuits And Controls.
Introduction. Control Devices. Valve Bodies. Pressures. Mainline Pressure. Throttle Pressure. Governor Pressure. Pressure Regulator Valves. Governors. Load Sensors. Shift Valves. Electronic Pressure Controls. Oil Circuits. Summary. Review Questions.
8. Gears And Shafts.
Introduction. Simple Planetary Gearsets. Simpson Gearset. Ravigneaux Gearset.
Planetary Gearsets In Tandem. Non-Planetary Based Transmissions. Final Drives And Differentials. 4WD Design Variations. Shafts. Summary. Review Questions.
9. Reaction And Friction Units.
Introduction. Reaction Members. Brake Bands. One-Way Clutches And Brakes. Multiple Friction Disc Clutch And Brake Assemblies. Gear Changes. Shift Feel. Summary. Review Questions.
10. Common Automatic Transmissions.
Introduction. Simpson Gear Train. Chrysler Transmissions. Ford Motor Company. Simpson Gear Train Transmissions. General Motors Transmissions. General Motors Transmissions. Other Simpson Gear Based Transmission. Ravigneaux Gear Train. Ford Motor Company Transmissions. Ford''s 4R70W Transmission. GM''s 3L30 Transmission.
Other Ravigneaux-Based Transmissions. Planetary Gear Sets In Tandem. 4T60 Transaxle. Ford AX4S Transaxle. Non-Planetary Based Transmissions. Honda''s Continuously Variable Transmission. Summary. Review Questions.

Shop Manual
1. Safety.
Objectives. Introduction. Personal Safety. Fire hazards and Prevention. Rotating Pulleys and Belts. Tool and Equipment Safety. Batteries. Vehicle Operation. Lifting and Carrying. Accidents. Hazardous Materials. Summary. Terms to Know. Review Questions.
2. Special Tools And Procedures.
Objectives. Introduction. Diagnostic Tools. Torque Wrenches. Power Tools. Measuring Tools. Transmission Tools and Equipment. Service Manuals. Fasteners. Basic Gear Adjustments. Working as An Auto Tech. ASE Certification. Summary. Terms to Know. Review Questions.
3. Diagnosis, Maintenance, And Basic Adjustments.
Objectives. Identification. Diagnostics. Fluid Leaks. Transmission Cooler and Line Inspection. Road Testing the Vehicle. Diagnose Hydraulic and Vacuum Control Systems.
Pressure Tests. Linkages. Other Adjustments. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
4. Electrical And Electronic System Diagnosis and Service.
Objectives. Basic EAT Testing. Guidelines for Diagnosing EATs. Basic Electrical Testing. Electrical Problems. Lab Scopes. Scan Tools. General EAT Diagnosis. Preliminary Checks. On-Board Diagnostics. Basic Diagnostics of Non-OBD II Systems. Basic Diagnostics of OBD II Systems. Electronic Defaults. Testing Electronic Circuits and Components. Diagnosis of Computer Supply and Ground Wires. Detailed Testing of Actuators. Testing Solenoids. Repairing the System. Diagnosing OBD I Systems. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
5. Rebuilding Transmissions.
Objectives. Diagnosis of Noise and Vibration Problems. Transmission/Transaxle Removal. Disassembly. Speedometer Drive Service. Transmission Case Service
Gaskets. Seals. Reassembly and Testing. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
6. Torque Converter And Oil Pump Service.
Objectives. General Diagnostics. Testing Converter Clutches. General Converter Control Diagnostics. Electronic Converter Clutch Control Diagnostics. Stall Testing. Bench Testing. Cleaning. Torque Converter Replacement. Oil Pump Service. Transmission Cooler Service. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions.
ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
7. General Hydraulic System Service.
Objectives. Valve Body Removal. Valve Body Service. Governor Service. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions.
ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
8. Gear And Shaft Service.
Objectives. Thrust Washers, Bushings, and Bearings. Planetary Gear Assemblies. Shafts. Parking Pawl. Drive Chains. Transfer Gears. Final Drive Units. Housing and Case Service. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
9. Friction And Reaction Unit Service.
Objectives. Friction and Reaction Units. Band Service. Servo and Accumulator Service
Multiple-Friction Disc Assemblies. Clutch Volume Index. One-Way Clutch Assemblies. Case Study. Terms to Know. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions.
Job Sheets.
10. Rebuilding Common Transmissions.
Objectives. Chrysler Transmissions and Transaxles. Ford Motor Company Transmissions.
General Motors Transmissions. Honda Transaxles. Nissan Motor Company Transmissions. Toyota Transaxles. Case Study. ASE-Style Review Questions. ASE Challenge Questions. Job Sheets.
Appendix A: ASE Practice Examination.
Appendix B: Automatic Transmission Special Tool Suppliers.
Appendix C: Metric Conversions.

What's New

  • Includes new topics on various transmission designs used (or planned to be used) in hybrid vehicles, the Lepelletier gear setup (which results in five, six, seven, and eight speed transmissions), power split units and various constantly variable transmission designs.
  • Includes more information on current electronic control systems, including the various protocols used for multiplexing.
  • Uses current model transmissions as examples throughout the text.
  • All new full-color photos, illustrations and text design.
  • Adds several new photo sequences on reprogramming a TCM and overhauling a five- and six-speed transmission.
  • Uses currently accepted service procedures as examples throughout the text, which also serve as the basis for new job sheets that are included in the text.
  • Content is updated to the most current NATEF Standards for Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles.

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Author Bio

Jack Erjavec

Jack Erjavec has become a fixture in the automotive textbook publishing world. He has decades of experience as a technician, educator, author, and editor, and has authored or co-authored more than 30 automotive textbooks and training manuals. Erjavec holds a master's degree in vocational and technical education from Ohio State University, and he spent twenty years at Columbus State Community College as an instructor and administrator. A long-time affiliate of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers, he also served as executive vice-president for the organization and spent several years on its board of directors. Erjavec is also associated with ATMC, SAE, ASA, ATRA, AERA, and other automotive professional associations.