Pro Tools 8 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide, 1st Edition

  • Christopher R. Burns
  • Colin MacQueen
  • Steve Albanese
  • ISBN-10: 159863898X  |  ISBN-13: 9781598638981
  • 608 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2008, 2006, 2005
  • © 2011 | Published
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Get the most out of Pro Tools with the definitive guidebook! Covering the LE, M-Powered, and HD versions of Pro Tools for music, post, and multimedia users at all levels, Pro Tools 8 Power! is the perfect resource for both newcomers looking to get up and running, and more advanced users who would like a complete desk reference on the new version. Completely updated for Pro Tools 8, everything from basic audio concepts and setting up your system to editing, mixing, plug-ins, MIDI, and much more is here in a usable format that explains techniques in plain language. Helpful keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Macintosh as well as informative notes and helpful tips are included throughout the text.

Table of Contents

1: About Pro Tools.
2: Pro Tools Terms and Concepts.
3: Your System Configuration.
4: Creating Your First Pro Tools Session.
5: The Transport Window.
6: The Edit Window.
7: The Mix Window.
8: Menu Selections: Highlights.
9: Plug-ins, Inserts and Sends.
10: MIDI.
11: Synchronization.
12: The Pro Tools Groove.
13: Music Production.
14: Postproduction and Soundtracks.
15: Sound Design for Interactive Media.
16: Bouncing to Disk, Other File Formats.
17: Pro Tools Power: The Next Step.
Appendix A: Further Study, and Resources on the Web.
Appendix B: Add-ons, Extensions and Cool Stuff for Your PT Rig.
Appendix C: Archive and Backup.
Appendix D: Pro Tools Free 5.01 Power!
Appendix E: Power Tips and Loopy Ideas.
Appendix F: Signal Flow in Pro Tools.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Christopher R. Burns

Christopher R. Burns has spent his 16-year career working in audio post-production for the advertising and broadcast industries. A graduate of Ithaca College Music School, Burns spent the past six years performing promo mixing for various ESPN networks. He is now an independent engineer in the New York City area, primarily working on Pro Tools.

Colin MacQueen

Colin MacQueen is a musician, composer, technical writer, sound designer and virtual audio engineer. He has been involved with the music and video industries for years, both in production and as a live performer, as a Digidesign distributor in Spain and as an educator on digital audio-related topics. Colin co-authored Pro Tools Power! and Digital Audio Dictionary and wrote and produced all the movie tutorials for the interactive CD-ROMs: “CSi Starter – Pro Tools LE”, and “CSi Starter – Cubase SX2”, and the IK Multimedia movie tutorials on “CSi volume 10”. He was a contributing writer or editor on other CD-ROM volumes in the CSi series. In addition, he has served as an independent composer, producer and sound designer for many interactive CD-ROM titles. Colin is a freelance writer on digital audio topics and has taught digital audio courses at both the university level and at broadcast schools.

Steve Albanese

Steve Albanese is an interactive media producer, audio engineer, and entrepreneur. Steve is currently President and founder of TutorialFACTORY and TutorialDEPOT, where he specializes in the development and online distribution of HOW TO video content for platforms ranging from mobile devices through large-screen HD systems. His years of educational and development experience include his role as Media Production Supervisor at the Recording Workshop, Chief Instructor at Pro School Midwest, President and founder of Cool Breeze Systems, Inc., and creator of the Cool School Interactus training environments. Steve has also worked for years as an audio professional, recording, mixing and mastering many music projects, as well as posting videos and films, television commercials, radio spots, and interactive media.