The Live Web: Building Event-Based Connections in the Cloud, 1st Edition

  • Phillip J. Windley Brigham Young University
  • ISBN-10: 1133686680  |  ISBN-13: 9781133686682
  • 336 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Imagine a world in which your phone automatically mutes the ringer when you start watching a movie. Imagine a world in which your alarm clock sets itself based on your schedule and other information like the weather, the traffic, and your past behavior. Imagine a world in which the mundane parts of business travel or scheduling an appointment with a new doctor are automatically taken care of according to your preferences. That world is the Live Web. THE LIVE WEB: BUILDING EVENT-BASED CONNECTIONS IN THE CLOUD is a book about specific concepts, architectures, and technologies you can use to build these types of Live Web experiences. You’ll discover specific techniques for building Live Web applications using the Kinetic Rules Language (KRL), designed from the ground up with the Live Web in mind, and the Kinetic Rules Engine. The premise of this book is simple, but profound: The Web of the future--the Live Web--will link our lives in ways we can hardly imagine… and you can start building that Web today.

Features and Benefits

  • A practical approach to building applications that make the real-time Web usable now.
  • Introduces the ideas, concepts, models, techniques, and technologies necessary to easily create applications that work across the Internet in real-time.
  • Contains numerous code examples to ground the discussion.
  • Helps programmers and others to understand the near-future Web, create applications that leverage those changes, explain and justify new application architectures to senior management, and increase the value they bring to their teams, departments and organizations.

Table of Contents

1. The Live Web.
2. Events on the Live Web.
3. Event Expressions: Filtering the Event Stream.
4. Telling Stories on the Live Web.
5. Architecting the Live Web.
6. Live Web Rules.
7. Creating Contextual Web Experiences.
8. Using the Cloud.
9. Events Around the Web.
10. Mobile and the Live Web.
11. Building Event Networks.
12. Advanced KRL Programming.
13. Business on the Live Web.
14. Designing Event Systems.
15. Building the Live Web.
Appendix A: Lexicon.
Appendix B: Resources.
Appendix C: Getting Started with KRL.
Appendix D: Event Semantics.
Appendix E: The KRL Expression Language.
Appendix F: The Evented API Specification.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Phillip J. Windley

Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Kynetx, an early-stage company providing an application platform for creating social products and services. Dr. Windley, who writes the popular Technometria blog, is a frequent author and speaker on event driven systems, digital identity, Web architectures, Web services, and programming language design. Dr. Windley, who received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis, is also an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University and Executive Producer of IT Conversations, a popular network of technology podcasts.