Critical Thinking Challenge 3.0 Instant Access Code, 1st Edition

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The Critical Thinking Challenge (CTC) 3.0 is an interactive game that simulates a 3-month externship at Birch Hill Family Practice. In this game, you will be confronted with a series of situations in which you will have to use critical thinking skills to select the most correct action in response to the situation. Those selected actions will be evaluated by how the decision has affected the patient, the practice, and your career. You will be also awarded points for overall decision making. The object of the game is to be hired by Birch Hill Family Practice as a full-time medical assistant. The 3.0 version includes 12 all-new video-based scenarios that include more follow-on scenarios, depending on the decisions made. After successfully completing the program, you can print out a Certificate of Completion.

Features and Benefits

  • 12 all-new video based scenarios with several additional follow-on situations.
  • Each scenario includes mentor resources and policy and procedure documentation to help learners select the most correct action.
  • The Office Manager at Birch Hill Family Practice offers video feedback evaluating learner performance in each scenario.
  • Each action is evaluated by how astudent's decision has affected the practice, the patient, and career.
  • Each situation as awarded points for overall decision-making skills.
  • A score report, listing overall score and scores on each individual scenario, can be printed at any time.
  • After successfully completing the program, print out a Certificate of Completion.

Table of Contents

Scenario 1: Indigent Patient.
Scenario 2: Personality Conflict.
Scenario 3: Ethical Behavior.
Scenario 4: Awareness for Patient Concerns.
Scenario 5: ESL-Language Barrier.
Scenario 6: Social Media-Facebook.
Scenario 7: Territorial Boundaries.
Scenario 8: Staff Gossips about Patients.
Scenario 9: Emergency Preparedness.
Scenario 10: Patient with an STD.
Scenario 11: Emotional Social Intelligence.

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