Delmar's Clinical Laboratory Manual Series: Hematology, 1st Edition

  • Allan P. Russell
  • ISBN-10: 0827363737  |  ISBN-13: 9780827363731
  • 272 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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As part of Delmar's Clinical Laboratory Manual Series, this new lab manual covers hands-on applications of hematology procedures including clinical laboratory test methods and many realistic case studies for valuable reference. . .

Features and Benefits

  • hands-on exercises provide practice of principles presented in units
  • laboratory procedures can be readily adapted to classroom laboratories
  • case studies provide additional applications for material covered in the chapter
  • review questions with answer key provides practice and feedback of unit's information

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction to Hematology in the Clinical Laboratory. Historical Perspectives. Primary Responsibility. Professionalism. Measurement in the Laboratory. Terminology. Safety in the Hematology Laboratory. The Collection and Transportation fo Blood Specimens. Stat Requests. Specimen Types. Approach to the Patient. Types of Patients. Reassuring the Patient. The Equipment for Venipuncture. Lancets and Autolets. Needle/Lancet Disposal Units. The Venipuncture. Hemostasis and Coagulation Procedures. Primary Hemostasis. Bleeding Time Tests. Secondary Hemostasis. The Counting of Blood Cells. The Preparation of the Sample for Analysis. The Preparation of the Differential Slide. The White Blood Cell Count. Types of Counting Chambers. The Red Blood Cell Count. The Staining of the WBC Differential or Bone Marrow Slides. Staining the Reticulocyte Smear. Special Staining Procedures. Bone Marrow Examination. Staining Procedures for Cellular Organelles. Peroxidase Reactions. Periodic Acid-Schiff Reaction. Acid Phosphatase Stain. Granulocytic and Agranulocytic Leukocytes. Origin of Blood Cells. Origin of the White Cell Lines. The Distinction Between Granulocytes and Agranulocytes. Cell Origins by Cell Line. Primitive Stem Cell. The Myeloid Cell Line. The Monocytic Cell Line. The Pymphocytic Cell Line. The Megakaryocytic Cell Line. Reading the Differential Smear to Identify Cells. Morphologically Abnormal White Cells. The Leukemias and Other Leukocyte Abnormalities. The Marginal and Circulatory Pools. Absolute Concentrations of Leukocytes. Leukemoid Reactions. Neutrophilic Leukemoid Reaction. Lymphocytic Leukemoid Reaction. Techniques Used in Identifying Various Leukemias. The French-American-British Classificatin. The Erthrocyte. Maturation of the Erythrocyte. The Rubriblast. The Prorubricyte. The Rubricyte. The Metarubricyte. The Reticulocyte. The Erythrocyte. The Destruction of Red Cells. Inclusions Within Red Cells. Oddities in Erythrocytes. Hematocrit Levels. The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. Hemoglobin Levels. Synthsis of Hemoglobin. THe Hemoglobin Test. Red Blood Cell Indicies. Anemias and Hemoglobinopathies. Diagnosing the Condition Called Anemia. Classification of Anemia. Abnormal Hemoglobins. The Structure of Normal Hemoglobin. Hemoglobinpathies. Instrumentation. The Cell Counter. The Electrical Flow Interference Principle. The Optical Detection Principle. The Coulter Counter. Other Coulter Counter Models. Coulter Histograms. Sysmex Model NE-8000 Technicon H System. Coagulation Instruments. Preventative Maintainence. Index.

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Allan P. Russell

Professor Russell instructs at the Mount Wachusett Community College