The Invisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice, 4th Edition

  • Joanne Belknap University of Colorado at Boulder
  • ISBN-10: 0495809136  |  ISBN-13: 9780495809135
  • 656 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007, 2001, 1996
  • © 2015 | Published
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THE INVISIBLE WOMAN: GENDER, CRIME, AND JUSTICE is the definitive guide on women and the criminal justice system, focusing on female offenders and their treatment by the criminal justice system, female victims of crime, and female employees of criminal justice system agencies. Thoroughly updated with new research and statistics, the fourth edition covers such timely and important topics as restorative justice, gender-responsive programming, sex trafficking, pathways research, Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA)/Domestic Violence (DV), and stalking.

Features and Benefits

  • Built on the powerful theme of “invisible women” and featuring a strong feminist perspective, this text offers a comprehensive survey of the significant research on female offenders, victims, and criminal justice employees.
  • Written by a respected scholar and researcher, the book is more than a reader. In addition to pulling together and analyzing the multidisciplinary research in the field, the author discusses existing theories and provides students with a meaningful basis for understanding the subject matter.
  • The text is sufficiently compact to be assigned with other texts, yet comprehensive enough to be used on its own.
  • The book covers such topics as drug addiction/use, critical race feminism, older women, and legal and non-legal immigrants.

Table of Contents

1. The Emergence of Gender in Criminology.
2. A Critique of Mainstream/”Malestream” Theories.
3. Feminist and Pro-Feminist Theories.
4. A Gendered Account of Women's and Girls' Offending.
5. Processing Women and Girls in the Criminal Legal System.
6. Incarcerated Women and Girls.
7. Gender-Based Abuse (GBA): A Prevalent and Global Phenomenon.
8. Focusing on Sexual Abuse.
9. Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking.
10. Women Working in Prisons and Jails.
11. Women Working in Policing and Law Enforcement.
12. Women Working in the Courts.
13. Effecting Change.

What's New

  • This edition is carefully updated throughout with new research and statistics.
  • The author has added more material on restorative justice, gender-responsive programming, sex trafficking, pathways research, Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA)/Domestic Violence (DV), stalking, and other timely and important topics.
  • A new table of relevant global studies is included in each chapter. For instance, the table in Chapter 4, “A Gendered Account of Women's and Girls' Offending,” summarizes approximately 20 studies on topics such as prostitution in China, drunkenness in France, methamphetamine use in Guam, property and violent offenses in Canada, and maternal filicide in Italy.
  • Chapter 2 in the third edition, “Critiquing Criminological Studies,” has been divided into two chapters. The new Chapter 2, “A Critique of Mainstream/”Malestream” Theories,” is more traditional. The new Chapter 3, “Feminist and Pro-Feminist Theories,” discusses theories such as general strain theory and cycle of violence theory as well as a recent development-research that tests general strain theory, pathways, and/or life course theories in the same study. These theories offer ways to assess how both girls' and boys' life experiences are likely related to their subsequent offending.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Joanne Belknap

A lifelong advocate for women's issues and a renowned scholar and researcher at the University of Colorado's department of Sociology, Joanne Belknap is both a powerful feminist and a talented analyst of the criminal justice system.