Successful Salon Management, 5th Edition



Successful Salon Management, 5th Edition, is an ideal guide for anyone interested in owning a salon. From proper use of space to selecting employees, this updated 5th edition covers all of the necessary areas a salon owner needs to know to establish and maintain a successful business. New chapters include a review of computers and proper salon use, as well as a review of labor law and employment issues.

Features and Benefits

  • types of salons are identified, helping reader name and select the type of salon for various locations
  • presents ideal types of space for salon use and includes interior design tips
  • provides a complete guide to selecting employees, assisting in the selection of a top-notch staff
  • reviews supplies and ordering issues pertaining to salons and provides a complete list of necessary salon items

Table of Contents

Chapter1. Salon Types and Their Locations.
Chapter2. Types of Leases and Rent Agreements.
Chapter3. Permits, Public Utilities, and Insurance.
Chapter4. Financing the New Salon.
Chapter5. Decorating and Arranging the Reception Area.
Chapter6. Decorating and Arranging the Styling Area.
Chapter7. The Supply Room.
Chapter8. Salon Personnel.
Chapter9. Labor Related Laws.
Chapter10. Salon Operating Costs.
Chapter11. Salon Forms and Items for Record Keeping.
Chapter12. Use of Beauty Schools by Beauty Salons.
Chapter13. Salon Advertising.
Chapter14. Merchandising (Selling) in a Beauty Salon.
Chapter15. Key Points for Successful Salon Operation Reviewed.
Answers to Review Questions.

What's New

  • new chapter on legal employment issues provides insight into applicable labor law
  • computer information has been updated and expanded, identifying proper salon use

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