Childhood Apraxia of Speech Resource Guide, 1st Edition

  • Shelley Velleman, Ph.D. University of Massachusettes, Amherst
  • ISBN-10: 0769301657  |  ISBN-13: 9780769301655
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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This comprehensive resource guide was created in response to the requests from practicing speech language pathologists for information on the nature of this complicated disorder and advice on assessment and treatment methods. Fundamental aspects of the disorder are discussed in depth and different viewpoints regarding apraxia of speech are compared, eliminating the need to track down multiple sources. Detailed practical assessment and treatment guidelines provide speech language pathologists with a framework of how to help children with apraxia and the motivation behind each treatment. Case studies bring material into a real world context.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes a bibliographies of electronic resources (websites, listservs, software products) and suggested books for young children with apraxia of speech, and a glossary of relevant termsof verbal dyspraxia.
  • Author has a decade of clinical service to children with phonological delays and disorders
  • Focuses on practical and applicable guidelines for helping children with the disorder not the theoretical debate of the nature apraxia of speech

Table of Contents

1: Core Knowledge.
2: Assessment.
3: Treatment.
4: Case Studies.
Appendix A: Electronic Resources.
Appendix B: Suggested Books for Young Children with CAS.
Appendix C: International Phonetic Alphabet.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Shelley Velleman, Ph.D.

Communication Disorders Department. University of Massachusettes, Amherst.